Those boys from Lubbock can play pretty good football and are ranked higher, so Christway better be ready for some tough football next Saturday or the saying will be "Ouch! OWWWWWWW!".

Looks like a tossup but assume Lubbock will be the favorite.
Well you may want to relook at the rankings:
1 Fredericksburg Heritage (7-2) 176.41
2 Brenham Christian (9-0) 155.17
3 Amarillo Heritage Classical (7-3) 143.94
4 Duncanville Christway (6-3) 134.13
5 EP Jesus Chapel (5-5) 132.63
6 Lubbock Christ the King (5-4) 130.35

but I beleive the point spread was Christway over LKTK by 3. I think of all the week 1 post season games this one will be one of the best along with the Tyler Street v El Paso game. A 3 point margin game for round 1... NOW THIS IS 6 MAN FOOTBALL!
The western teams seem strong and we know Christway is fast. So which one wins out, strength or speed? Unless Lubbock has speed too then maybe Christway starts basketball on Monday.
I have heard that Christway has speed...but Lubbock has Harvey Wellman who is a phenomenal coach. I have a feeling that Lubbock will show up to play and give Christway a run for their money. I wouldn't bet on either team though...but I want Lubbock to represent our District 1 well (I would be okay with facing them again next week)!