Strawn - Crowell


Six-man expert
I kind of figured this game might come about for a month or so. Not to put the onus on the Hounds but an 11-0 team is not exactly flying under the radar no matter their ranking. Crowell will most surely be favored, likely by a good bit, by the toy.
In the second quarter of the Strawn game last night with 7 minutes left they were ahead 38-0, the announcer said Crowell was ahead of Rule 8-6 at the end of the 1st. Hmm. Strawn might have a chance next week. Give credit to Brookesmith. They did not quit, hound penalties, 46-12 at the half .
Both teams did not totally dominate in bi-district. But both won by 45.
Crowell has 45'd 5 of 11 opponents with 3 shutouts. Their one loss, by 45, was to Happy, the number one team in the state. If I remember right talk at the time was their coaches son stud spread back was injured at the time. Not an excuse for them I'm sure. But they probably wouldn't have beat Happy with him.
Of their non 45 wins they beat Guthrie by 17, Knox City by 34, Valley in a shootout 84-80, and Gordon by 34.
Strawn has 45'd 7 of 11 opponents with 4 shutouts.
Of their non 45's they beat Gordon by 6, Blanket by 24, FWTHESA by 17 and Union Hill by 12.
Both teams bi-district opponents were similar record wise. Hard to judge from those games.
So glad this matchup is a have to now. I have wanted my Cats to play Strawn since the Trey Doyle (sp) days. Coaches talked of a warmup game last year but it never happened.

Crowell didn't have a good game at all last night, and these aren't the games to have those. Drop passes that should have went for six, turnovers, fumbles on the goal line at this time of the season isn't good. I'll bet they get it gathered up in practice this next week or else the shiny Nike's will come out next Monday.

As far as beating Happy, I feel no one will accomplish that feat this year. They are a MACHINE!! Glad the Wildcats took them as deep in the game as they did. Bet the Cowboys slept good that night...

Best of luck to both squads next week and all those still in the hunt.