San Angelo Times article on former High Island QB, Zach Bronkhorst

Leman Saunders

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Great article!

Guess the wirter thought that "rules" would be tough...but the basic rules are still the same so "different rules" isnt the obstacle (I would assume)...I would think for a QB maybe the toughest rule change would be...dont throw to these jersey numbers, they arent eligible


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I’ve always said the biggest adjustments for QBs from sixman to 11man is the spacing and the added players. Concepts are concepts, but you have to develop a spatial awareness outside the hash marks and have an understanding that throwing windows are smaller.


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From reading the article, I was confused why the writer though that transitioning would be tougher than expected. Then I saw they are in El Paso and I just went "ahh". I don't mean any disrespect to the writer as I was the same when first seeing sixman football and thinking how "different" the games are. In actuality, they aren't conceptually.

Great read and I can't to wait for the game against the school of mines


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Personally, I verbiage, speed of the game, and defensive reads would be the biggest adjustment for Zach. I saw him play, and he always had great footwork in the pocket, and I think sixman helped him with mobility in and out of the pocket. I didn't hurt that he grew up in a household who believed in preparation, so I'm sure film sessions were a strength, as well as the fundamental basics of ball control and footwork. It also helps that he's a great kid.