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I know it's still early in the year to complain about, or question, the rankings, but I am confused by them. How can a team meet the spread, and still lose power rating points, and drop a spot in the rankings?
CowboyP":1ny04fv2 said:
I know it's still early in the year to complain about, or question, the rankings, but I am confused by them. How can a team meet the spread, and still lose power rating points, and drop a spot in the rankings?

Hard to explain - it happens, but you are looking at a single team when the view is of all the teams and the way they performed. in my algorithm it is common to have the winner fall the loser rise, just takes being at the right place at the right time. And I can guarantee you, I don't even look at the teams, the system takes care of that.

And starting next week my system is going to start re-evaluation of previous games to try to be more subjective. While it worked in modeling I can't even predict how it's going to do in the real world.
To understand, you must understand The TOY. To understand The Toy you must understand the mind of Granger.

In that lies everyone's problem. No one understands or can comprehend - we have tried .....

Now Granger - that is meant as a backhanded compliment...

Gee that felt good, I haven't gotten to take a shot at Granger in a while....
That could be predicated on what the phase of the moon that week, how many skunks crossed the road on Tuesday evening outside the Star city limit and if Aquilla wins enough games.

Really complicated stuff. You really will have to ask Granger...
i quit trying to figure out Granger's rankings a couple of years ago and started working on my own. We sometimes agree and other times disagree. Sarah Palin's quote on POLLS was pretty much right on target.

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2. IRA
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Just tell me where your team should be ranked and the number next to it and I will take care of it.... but you also have to provide the same for the other 240-something teams.

But seriously,
OK, we know we are talking about Aquilla... this is not a 2-team system. It is not a zero-sum game. The questions are NOT simple we beat team A this week by X and we were supposed to... Yes, Aquilla was a 10-pt fave over Calvert and beat them by 10. Last week's opponent for Aquilla was Coolidge and they 45'd someone... so why the drop... look a little deeper....

In week 0, Calvert gets 45'd by Strawn. How'd Strawn do this weekend? They lost to Jonesboro. That pushes Calvert down some and guess what? Yep.
Ah geez, here we go again. Hookembabe, Granger has nothing personal against your team. Its numbers put into a computer to come up with a ranking system. Quit taking it so personal. And if it doesn't matter til the end of the season, why are you posting anything before then?
This thread is now serving it's intended purposes. i got a logical answer from granger, and some people are getting irritated. i have to agree with don - i don't understand how the toy works, but it's fun! i love it!
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Hookembabe - I see you have been on the forum now for all of 5 posts.

I love how people jump on Granger in a personal manner and BLAME him for their I're that because their favorite, hometown or whatever team moved down or up in the ratings.

Do you have any idea the process that is employed to create and maintain the rankings? It takes in more variables than you can imagine. Yes, The Toy does not agree with your views. No rating system is perfect and I don't think in all the years Granger's rankings and power ratings have been available that he has ever stated or intimated that it is a perfect or even near perfect system. But it is pretty darn good. I will let you bet your paycheck each week against Granger's picks/spreads and yours and let's see who goes to the poor house first.

Ever heard of "Million Dollar" system they have out there called the BCS rankings - nuff said there about systems to complain about.

Let's remember here this is a service/hobby that Granger provides. I get sick and tired of him having to take grief over it. When people come up with their own system, people are trying here on this forum, and they do better - then they can complain and point fingers, but till then people just need to back off.

As for this current complainer. Let's see Aquilla has played Calvert a DII school I believe ( isn't Aquilla DI ?) and that power house preseason ranked #52 Coolidge. Aquilla scored a screaming 28 points in week 0 and another unbelievable 32 in week 1. Calvert is now 0-2 and Coolidge is 1-1 after just devastating the last ranked preseason team in D1.

I believe according to a very reliable source here on this forum that the average score posted by the winning team in week 1 was 57.7. Boy that's lot's of kneeling down to keep your team about 30 points under the winning team average. To go along with this you might want to reexamine that statement about that slam the door defense. Not to put anyone down but if your ranked #52 in the rankings your not gonna be expected to be an offensive juggernaut so I don't think any defense that is on the field is gonna have a lotta trouble there. See it does matter how many points - but it also matters who the other team is ... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

I am sure you will be back this week complaining again because Aquilla isn't #1 after the annihilation of another power Waco Vanguard College Prep. I can't even find them in the rankings. But please next time come back with a few facts, figures and sound reasoning for your rants.

Granger and The Toy do not show your team any respect or disrespect. They show the ranking each week the math provides. You really need to figure this out - life will be easier and your Rolaids and Xanax expenses will be lot less. A little advice - Get a Grip.
I used to get all worked up over the rankings. I say that as if it will never happen again, which is horribly misleading.

If your team is still playing in December, and they are still not ranked in the top 10 - then maybe you have a complaint. But given the joke that is the college polls - I think Granger's system is by far the most accurate ranking toy in football. Period.

That said, no freaking way is Rankin as good as Valley. And no way is Throck 10 points better than Valley. C'mon Granger - get the US Open over with so you can concentrate on God's game.
There you go again Rain holding back .... tell it like it is .... although you do have some experience and time spent on the board to call on here .... not a totally newbie point of view .... LOL

Hey Granger - you ah listenin' ???
Hint ... Rankings basically don't mean much except give your team a nice target on their back. My recommendation is that you keep winning every week and play until somebody hands you a nice trophy after the last game you win.

We were all concerned that since Brenham Christian lost, Granger would do something really stupid and put a young (but improving) Seguin Lifegate team at #1 (TAPPS D2). After all, we covered the spread against Humble Christian Life. But in his infinite wisdom, our good friend Coach Ware gets the target and we stayed #2. It's simple. Our opponent in week 0 got smoked in Alvin and Wayne's bunch keeps suprising the toy.

Also, remember that any stats I post have NOTHING to do with Granger's rankings. Anytime he's explained them to me, I've left more confused than I was before. As far as I'm concerned, he has two boxes. One with all the team names and one with a bunch of random numbers, computed to two decimal places. Each week, he picks a team name and number and puts them on a spreadsheet. It's the only one I can understand, but then, I ain't as smart as the rest of youse guys. Especially Goob.

And anyway, we're gonna play the games on the field since the kids bothered to practice and the coaches bothered to coach all week ... it's the least we can do for them.
Hookembabe":i0zr7onq said:
Techster and Justobserving, im not irritated or upset at all lol, i just asked for an explanation. Aquilla will take care of themselves, I have no doubt about that. I asked the same question as another Aquilla poster and you guys go ballistic, which is hillarious because Cowboys loves that kind of stuff lol. The rankings are a form of amusement and that's it, just like the BCS. Like I said before IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE YOU ARE RANKED NOW IT'S WHERE YOU END UP AT THE END OF THE SEASON!!! Thanks for giving me a good life to start a great Labor Day!


I'd say what a "GOOB" but that is already taken .... LOL I just love back peddlers .... glad we could give you a good "life" on this Labor Day. Sounds as though you might need one....

My apologies Mr. GOOB, just couldn't resist. Just no self control.
OK, here we go....

After week 0
Aquilla favored by 10 over Calvert (wins by 10, 0 pt difference)
Abbott underdog to Milford by 11 (wins by 12, 23 pt difference)

Obviously Abbott will move up by more.... then you have to factor in what each of these teams opponents did this week. Keep in mind that in future weeks this will get increasingly difficult to track, as the number of teams that tie together increases exponentially.

Aquilla, beat Coolidge by 22 who defeated Wax. Advantage by 45 (expected). Let's also remember that Aquilla d. Coolidge by 22 and were still 90+ pts ahead of them in the rankings after week 0. That will continue to pull them down a bit.

Calvert, lost to Strawn in week 0, who was defeated by Jonesboro (another upset, so it pulls Calvert AND Aquilla down, since their difference was correct)

Abbott beat Kopperl by 25, who lost to Penelope by 33 (expected). Again, Abbott was the same 90+ ahead of Kopperl prior to the weekend.

Milford beat May by 16, who beat Rising Star by 8 (was expected to be 45'd).

If we dug deeper, we should look at how these opponents' opponents did. If we did that, we would notice that Rising Star is actually climbing quickly, despite 2 losses. They were within 20 to Walnut and 8 to May....

You really have to check every level... opponents, opponents'-opponents and so on eventually....

I would also like to point out I have been doing this longer than the BCS too... not saying anyone is better than anything else, just pointing that out... there are multiple systems in play there that make it up...
The only reason CatratedBovineBabe is so upset is bacause Sands is still ranked above Aquilla. But so are 10 other teams. She's had to wear out a road looking them up.
Thanks Granger. I appreciate all your hard work. (remember not to take my complaints too serious)
I just enjoy using my Big Wooden Spoon to stir things up. :)