Pick'em: Glenview vs. Heritage for D-2 Title

Who will win? Glenview or Heritage

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i'm going with freddy in this one. do not really know why other than tradition and i like writing "freddy" in reference to a football team.
I am going to go with Freddy by less than a touchdown. I believe that Freddy has the better kicking, and that will probably be the difference.
tepryde":2qjtuko9 said:
I am going to go with Freddy by less than a touchdown. I believe that Freddy has the better kicking, and that will probably be the difference.

Brother Robert probably has the rare honor of having played both of these teams ... both games by 46 point margins (and a district win over Heritage last year) while I know he's bound by our district's "Don't rat on your friends" rule, which prohibits our district teams from providing film or scouting reports on other district playoff teams ... I'm really curious about his take on this match up.

I agree. I listened to the podcast from the Glenvview/Towneast match up and Glenview sure missed alot of their conversion opportunities. If the game is tight, and it should be, I would have to pick Heritage by 12.
Feddy's front 6 or 7 can match up. But Glenview has the depth of a DI team . . . a DI team . . . a DI team . . . a DI team . . . a DI team . . . oh sorry.

And Glenview has a really good passing game, incredible. And pass defense is what Heritage lacks.

Glenview by 20.

But go Hertitage . . . please beat the Cowboys. Please prove me wrong.
ACL/MCL":qzn447qc said:
And Glenview has a really good passing game, incredible. And pass defense is what Heritage lacks.

Maybe you're right. But Heritage puts on a strong front line that when you're back there passing, you're not sure you'll have time to find those open receivers.

Kinda like how some coach told me about a talk he heard at a 6-man clinic. The state championship coach told the crowd that his defensive philosophy was that he was going to bet that his rushers could get to the QB quicker than the QB could find an open receiver. Did it work? Well, as I mentioned the guy was the state championship coach, so my guess is yes.

Will it work? I guess we'll find out on Saturday.
lifey my buddy. that philosophy has been around 6man for ages. and if you look at the state champs both public and private it rains truth. all these programs had same philosophy regarding the spread and pass defense

The Rock
Wtx panther
green monster
regents from down unda (3 in row)
JC Baby (the measuring stick)
Mid Xian (mult titles)
Well, seeing that I am the only school to have the distinction of playing both these schools this year, and both of them late in the year, I will try and give my unbiased opinion.
My opinion of Freddy is, they don't have as many weapons on offense as Glen does. However, the weapons they do have are very underrated. Because of Ramsey, they have many talented players that are overlooked when other teams game plan. I believe that is the fatal flaw of many teams. The skill players for Glen are very good, as a whole alittle better than Freddy's.
On defense I believe that Freddy has alittle advantage, they are bigger, and stronger, but overall not as fast as Glen. They both swarm to the ball and both will hit you. Both stop the run very well, and I believe both are not as strong against the pass. So overall I would rate Freddy alittle better defensively.
On special teams, I believe this is where Freddy has a big advantage over Glen. Freddy has an outstanding kicker, good blocking upfront, and in a close game, I believe this will separate the two teams.
So, a quick overview of what I just stated will be:
Offense-slight advantage to Glenview
Defense- slight advantage to Freddy
Kicking- big advantage to Freddy
If the game is close I believe Freddy will win, If it is a blow out I believe that Glen will win. I just don't see Freddy blowiing out Glen, I do see Glen having the athletes to blow out Freddy, however, I believe it will be Freddy by less than a touchdown. As a buddy of mine always says, "but whadda I know."
Thanks, Brother Robert. Hope to see you at the game on Saturday.

If you had asked me who was going to win D-2 at the start of the season, I would have put my next three paychecks on Glenview.

But today, that offer's off the table.

I figured Heritage would be in the mix, but after a 9-3 season last year and their well-known poor coaching and sloppy work ethic (memo to the uninformed -- that is something called "sarcasm," directed at my good friends from the Hill Country), I figured they'd be another 9-3 team this year. In fact, I was hoping we could contribute to the 3 side of the ledger.

I was wrong, and we learned that the first week when they blew out Blum HS (#7 in UIL at the time) at Richland Springs. Their only "close game" all year was Marble Falls Faith, and they played that with 4 starters out with injury AND a fifth starter knocked out of the game and still won (note: Robert Ramsey was not among those five).

All that being said, Glenview is still the top dog and has pretty well rolled over everybody in district and playoffs, losing only to a 9-2 Gordon team in Week 1.

It's a game worth the price of admission.

A few of Granger's comparisons of the teams:


Fort Worth Glenview (12-1); 15 point favorite vs. Fredericksburg Heritage (12-0)

Fort Worth Glenview .vs Fredericksburg Heritage
3 Overall RANK 5
1 Division RANK 2
197.66 RATING 183.11
12-1 W-L 12-0
58.1 OFF 49.9
16.0 DEF 14.0


Fort Worth Glenview 72 Dallas Gateway 30
Gordon 60 Fort Worth Glenview 31
Fort Worth Glenview 62 Fort Worth Nazarene 12
Fort Worth Glenview 51 Brownwood Victory Life 0
Fort Worth Glenview 70 Willow Park Trinity 25
Fort Worth Glenview 56 Austin Christian Homeschool 6
Fort Worth Glenview 56 Waxahachie Eagle Advantage 7
Fort Worth Glenview 48 Arlington Fellowship 0
Fort Worth Glenview 76 Duncanville Christway 30
Fort Worth Glenview 72 Joshua Christian 0
Fort Worth Glenview 62 Denton Calvary 38
Fort Worth Glenview 53 Lubbock Christ the King 0
Fort Worth Glenview 46 SA Town East 0


Fredericksburg Heritage 56 Blum 6
Fredericksburg Heritage 38 Austin NYOS 16
Fredericksburg Heritage 42 Marble Falls Faith 34
Fredericksburg Heritage 58 Round Rock Christian 24
Fredericksburg Heritage 60 Temple Central Texas 30
Fredericksburg Heritage 74 Christian Academy of SA 6
Fredericksburg Heritage 62 New Braunfels Christian 12
Fredericksburg Heritage 52 Seguin Lifegate 0
Fredericksburg Heritage 60 SA Town East 14
Fredericksburg Heritage 1 Boerne Vanguard 0
Fredericksburg Heritage 52 Bellville Faith 6
Fredericksburg Heritage 44 Dallas The Covenant 20

Would be interesting to see a Glenview and Calvary win ... Glenview won a match-up between those two teams in Week 10 ...
Fredericksburg.....no question.

Obviously, the comments I've seen this year on this site regarding Glenview [which were nigh unto salivating] were flowing from the fingertips of homers, because they are not as impressive as advertised. Granted, they are good - but not that good. I've seen both teams play Town East. Fredericksburg, by far, was the more dominant team. If you go by scoreboard only then you will not come to that conclusion, but if you watched the games you would.

Town East was in the red zone three times on this team, and came half a yard shy of a touchdown when they ran out of time [halftime]. In addition, their star player suffered a head injury in the first half that really affected Town East's ability to move the ball. They also committed a number of miscues that killed some drives, and were not helped by the horrific officiating that took place. Be that as it may, they were still outmatched. Glenview is a good team, and has an impressive offense, however, I don't believe their defense can stop the power of Fredericksburg. I believe Fredericksburg will beat them by a least two touchdowns.

Coach Davis makes a great point in the kicking game. It is Glenview's greatest weakness and you cannot afford to miss two point plays against Fredericksburg. That alone will kill them.

And let me settle the debate that was raised earlier in the year about who is the best DivII running back - Robert Ramsey, hands down. #40 for Glenview is really fast and a good looking back, but he is not near the running back that Ramsey is.
I would have to humbly disagree with the "unbiased" comments of cdm369. Aren't you the one who also said Towneast by 2 against Glenview. I too have been able to see both of those games and I believe you either are biased or you didn't understand the game.

Towneast drove against Fredricksburg. They scored on those drives against Fredricksburg putting 20-24 pts, I don't remember, in the first two quarters, not after subs went in. They held Fredricksburg on at least four different drives. That's the facts of that game.

Towneast drove on Glenview. They stalled every time against Glenview. The goal line stand at the end of 2nd quarter was the only possible scoring drive and even that was unsuccessful albeit controversial. Glenview scored on every single drive. Glenview never even had a 4th down!!

How you can say by those two games that Fredricksburg is better is very unclear. If Fredricksburg is better, you will have to use other games. Those two comparisions just town hold up.

I'm out>>>>>> :D
cdm is anyone gonna believe you after you predicted town east to win by 2, maybe you just dont like glenview....did you even relize one of glenviews main starters who plays on almost every play didnt even play that game cause he was sick....still the score was 46 to 0.
hey all you guys out there getting on cdm's case, why don't you back off. He is allowed an opinion, and he is not talking about something he hasn't observed. Now, mister exalt, we put up 14 against Freddy not 20 something. And yes, we were better prepared against Freddy, they are in our district, we get to see them every year, and we know them better than Glen. And as far as Glen goes, they are and were by far the better team. But we were able to move the ball on them and at least two possessions ended because of our miscues and not their doing, not to count the blunder by the refs right before half, and the terrible onside call to start the game. The score easily could have been 30 something to 20 something at half if all things went well for us. However, they didn't, and we all know how it ended. We were not able to stop Glen all night. And if the game had continued, then they would have just put up more points.
Hey coach. Your right, he is entitled to his opinion. However, when he post his opinion on the board, we're entitled to scrutinize it.

And besides, you really think you would have scored 20 to 30 points on Glenview? It looked like the only reason you drove on them is "miscues" by them.

But's that's my opinion............
Glenview deffinately didnt play as good on defense as they usually do, but they still came stopped town east when they needed to. And really i dont see how town east could have scored 20 points in the whole game. No offense but most of their drives were just because of one play when glenview got beat deep and it looked like when that happened it was because they didnt think your qb could make that long of a pass. I've seen there coverage against denton and no one was even close to being that open.

but thats my opinion
Well fellas, I guess your right, when something went good for us, it was because Glen had a miscue, and when something went good for Glen, it was because they were vastly superior to us. Come on guys, you can't have it both ways. The fourth down passes that were dropped, had nothing to do with Glen, it was just dropped passes. Those things happen. At least two dropped passes were on fourth and short. inside Glen's red zone. I can go on and on, but I won't. I noticed nothing was said about the horrible calls that could have made it alot closer. And yes I know calls are apart of the game, but most unbiased, intellegent observers will say we got reamed on some very controversial calls and that plays into kids psychy. They couldn't overcome those calls, however, chalk it up to a learning experience. And zin, go back and look at your film, and you will see we had kids open on every play, we just didn't have alot of time to get the ball to them. Our qb was under great pressure all night. But, when he had time to throw, we generally had someone open and he made the throw. We just didn't catch all of them. Those things happen. Gotta go.
Coach, I think you did a great job getting your boys prepared for Glenview. And I believe you were robbed on the opening kickoff as well. And I agree that was a momentum killer.

Unfortunately, alot of times when it's your first time in a big game like that against a good team nerves certainly play a part in performance. I mean no disrespect to your team. I commend your boys for fighting and not giving up. Glenview, unfortunately for their opponents, just has to many weapons for most teams to shut down. I would think opponents look at film and think they can exploit several areas of Glenview, but then realize in the game that it was only an illusion. They give up certain things on the field to get certain things. That's seems to be their game plan.

I know that Fredricksburg is probably the best team in D-II to face them and give them a game. I personally don't think they can shut down everything as Glenview to me is to fast and to diverse. However, if they are going to be shut down, freddy and more importantly Coach Shipman is the one that could do it.

It should be a great game!!!!

Good luck tpryde. I think since Glenview and Covenant are moving up, it very well maybe a southern district final next year.

I'm out>>>>>>> :lol: :lol:
Tepryde - i'm a Glenview fan, and i've got to tell you - you guys had me nervous all night. The opening call was brilliant. I wasn't paying close enough attention to see if the refs got it right, but as you said, things happen. I'm guessing it probably was a clip later in the game. But if you believe in karma, you noticed that the clipper missed more plays later in the game with a neck burner. The call, or lack thereof, at the half was probably D2 six man officiating at it's best, or worst. In my opinion ya'll probably should have gotten the timeout. Oh well, it's so much water under the bridge now. I was surprised at how open your guys were. The one play in particular, no rush, Glenview covering 6 on 5, and you guys complete about a thirty yard pass. Wow. The game was much better than the score indicates. I don't think a similar effort from Glenview will get the job done on Saturday. You guys hit harder than everyone but Gordon, played hard, and have everyone reason to be proud. Congratulations on your season, and good luck in the future.