Y’all ever stop and think that we have adults(for the most part) on a message board about a kid’s game acting like pre-schoolers?............
smokeyjoe53":omtstl3d said:
The former..........I think they would make excellent shoulder mounts for Granger’s would remind him of us......

don't worry, I already have plenty of reminders

I am seeing more dead pigs in the ditches this month than dead deer. Probably a sign of their population ratio in my area. Thankfully my wife has not added to that population this year, deer whistles might be working.
Actually guys we shouldn't be talking about feral hogs and hog hunting on this six man site. It appears to be a weak attempt to kick up the number of posts on this thread. For that very reason I haven't mentioned the nice boar I plugged on December 21 snooping around the pasture near Santo late in the evening or the sixteen hogs that I witnessed moving north to south on my neighbor's pasture a few days after Christmas. No I did not entice them with moldy corn, yet!! Any how to show some self control I will not mention these episodes any further. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch... When do two a days start?
This is not the place hold a serious discussion on the VIRUS, but what the heck it will move the count along.

I heard earlier this week over a news program that California had already decided to have all of their state run universities have virtual classes through next fall. Seems a little early to me to make that decision. And I wonder what effect it will have on their fall sports programs. This could have a ripple effect on a lot of other states.

I have a real concern that Texas may not have high school football. The UIL would be in a bind for money without all of those playoff football games.
I think school will start on time and football will be starting as usual. With a 98% survival rate for people who get the virus, I think this whole business has been overblown. We've lived thru the bird flu, swine flu, H1N1, etc. We probably have a much higher chance of death stepping off a sidewalk and getting run over. Only my opinion. I support our presidents get back to work and school attitude.
OF&B, I just finally looked at where you are from, The Beautiful South Plains of W. Tex. So, are you on the caprock or just off. I know in the past you have talked like you were from Bordon County, but that could still be either one.
While I agree this “pandemic” is overblown, I have a feeling that the uiofl will be so afraid of lawsuits (rightfully) that they will not sanction any sports. Just my feelings, Hope I am dead wrong.......... though it would be the very first time in recorded history that I was .........
You are probably right Smokey. Everyone is afraid of being politically out-of-step with the lawyers. I think we are all ready to be back to normal, whatever that will be in the near future.
Now we're talkin!
This is the perfect place
to discuss this nonsense
called Covid Plandemic.
Is anyone really "studying"
what's goin on? (OpenSourceNews)
Or jus watchin Network news?
At this point Football is a toss-up.
I'm hoping for something to break loose
but we only have a few months
to figger this stuff out.
Trump is tryin but he's carryin a tire uphill.
Jus sayin.