From fishin’ to football


Six-man fan
Yew knowd, I Iz glad football iz finally here. Ain’t much on the baseball so me and Earl been runnin’ lines most of the spring and summer. I mite have done tole yew all before that my 3 Ts of fishin’ iz trotlines, telephones and TNT. Anyways, a few weeks ago me and Earl took thiz ol feller who Earl got the lease from with us to bait lines and set out a few new uns. Well, the ol feller wuz suckin’ down them Lone Stars pretty good and of course then had to done pee. So we got over against the back and I held onto a tree with one arm and ahold of the ol feller’s elbow to steady him while he done peed so he wudn’t fall into the water whare he done peed. And I done tole him that I wuz only holdin’ hiz elbow and on the rest he wuz done own hiz own. I’m not asayin’ that he took a long time, but I iz pretty sure I done had anuther birthday while I wuz awaitin’ get him to finish. Not sure bout the state of hiz prosterrate, but towards the end it done sounded like Morse dot dash dash splishsplash.

Neederless to say, I iz done ready fer football...
Dear pipewrench,

Yew knowd, it never done takes long fer the dim-witted to retreat to the homersexual humor. Especially the ones who mite jest ride side-saddle themselfs...
Hey Goob,

That Sixman Films on YouTube has quite a games of the 2007 and 2008 Gustine Tigers. It made me think of you because you used to say "Dayz wus lowed lowed lowed!"