Lessons Learned in Six-Man Football


I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday and I thought some of you might enjoy, and probably agree with it, too. It was written by Justin Acosta, who was a senior on the 2006 Northside state championship football team. He now owns and operates a body shop here in Vernon, and also has shops in Wichita Falls and Altus, OK.

I am often times asked. What type of person do I look for when hiring a new technician to train or hire? The answer is easy, I tend to look for ex-football players. Preferably 6-Man football players. 6 Man guys grew up on hardwork and discipline. They are used to being outnumbered and outsized with minimal resources available. So they are able to take on more responsibility and tasks. Because they know if they can't get it done, help may not be there for them. If one player doesn't cover his side of the field he risks letting the whole team down. I have seen so many parents remove their kids from small schools to big schools for "better opportunities". But more often than not that kid gets swallowed up and loses his identity in the masses. He or she missed their real opportunity to stand out and make a difference in the smaller school system.The 6-Man School Men and Women I know are Cops, Firemen,Mechanics, Welders, Pipe Fitters, Linemen, Nurses, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Farmers and many more jobs that run our country. Lessons all given to them and taught by a Small Country School.

Crowell, Benjamin, Knox City, Chillicothe, and Northside are all represented in my Company and we are better because of it.

I often say that football, in general, teaches life lessons that are harder for kids to learn elsewhere. Hard work, trust, teamwork, responsibility, respect...these are all things that, in my opinion, can more easily be learned, and earned, in small six-man schools, and even more so on a six-man football field. Not to say kids can't learn these things elsewhere. It's just my opinion that it comes easier to six-man football players. Reading this post, written by a successful businessman, just proves that.

This also made me wonder...how many other business owners are out there looking to hire primarily six-man football players?