first districts-- where are they now?


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In 1924 the UIL first organized football districts. The largest class consisted of 8 districts containing a total of 58 teams. Lets take a look at those teams and the school districts they represent today.

Section 1 had Amarillo, Electra, Lubbock, Plainview, Vernon, and Wichita Falls

Today—Amarillo has two 5A and two 4A high schools with 7875 students;
Amarillo 2018 5A, Tascosa 2176 5A, Caprock 1729 4A, Palo Duro 1952 4A

Electra 166 1A

Lubbock has three 5A high schools and one 4A school containing 6050 students;
Lubbock 1731 5A, Coronado 1663 5A, Monterey 1659 5A, Estacado 997 4A

Plainview 1642 4A

Vernon 603 3A

Wichita Falls has two 4A schools and one 3A school holding 4164 students;
Wichita Falls 1493 4A, Rider 1779 4A, Hirschi 892 3A

Section 2 was Abilene, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Cisco, Comanche, Eastland, Ranger, and San Angelo

Today—Abilene has two 5A schools containing 4467 students;
Abilene 2478 5A, Cooper 1989 5A

Breckenridge 460 3A

Brownwood 977 4A

Cisco 253 2A

Comanche 426 3A

Eastland 341 2A

Ranger 125 1A

San Angelo has one 5A school and one 4A school containing 4294 students;
San Angelo (Now Central High) 3030 5A, Lakeview 1264 4A

Section 3 Included Cleburne, Ft. Worth Central, Ft. Worth Polytechnic, Gainesville, Mineral Wells, and Weatherford

Today—Cleburne 1554 4A
Ft. Worth has one 5A school, eleven 4A schools, and one 3A school holding 19058 students;
Central (Now Trimble Tech) 1735 4A, Polytechnic 1148 4A
Paschal 2277 5A, Carter-Riverside 1016 4A, Eastern Hills 1687 4A, Southwest 1586 4A,
Western Hills 1614 4A, Arlington Heights 1905 4A, Dunbar 997 4A,
North Side 1652 4A, South Hills 1415 4A, Wyatt 1123 4A, Diamond Hill-Jarvis 903 3A

Gainesville 828 3A

Mineral Wells 1040 4A

Weatherford 2172 5A

Section 4 has Corsicana, Ennis, Hillsboro, Terrell, Waco, and Waxahachie

Today—Corsicana 1519 4A

Ennis 1504 4A

Hillsboro 476 3A

Terrell 1164 4A

Waco has two 4A high schools with 3012 students;
Waco 1826 4A, University 1186 4A

Waxahachie 1911 4A

Section 5 included Dallas Bryan, Dallas Oak Cliff, Dallas Forest, Denison, Greenville, McKinney, Paris, Sherman, and Sulphur Springs

Today—Dallas has five 5A, fourteen 4A, and two 3A schools representing 35434 students;
Bryan (closed in 1928), Oak Cliff (named changed to Anderson) 1231 4A,
Forest (name changed to Madison) 548 3A, Carter 1873 5A, Sunset 2108 5A,
Adams 2200 5A, Molina 2425 5A, Skyline 4593 5A, White 2232 5A, Samuell 1808 4A, Hillcrest 1200 4A, Kimball 1686 4A, North Dallas 1790 4A, Seagoville 1188 4A,
South Oak Cliff 1565 4A, Wilson 1331 4A, Conrad (opened after last numbers were released) 4A, Jefferson 1652 4A, Lincoln 1248 4A, Pinkston 1146 4A, Smith 1149 4A, Spruce 1529 4A, Roosevelt 932 3A

Denison 1295 4A

Greenville 1427 4A

McKinney has three 4A schools with 5085 students;
McKinney 1893 4A, Boyd 1438 4A, McKinney North 1754 4A

Paris 979 4A

Sherman 1739 4A

Sulphur Springs 1190 4A

Section 6 included Athens, Crockett, Jacksonville, Livingston, Lufkin, Marshall, Mineola, Nacogdoches, Palestine, Texarkana, and Tyler

Today—Athens 947 3A

Crockett 475 3A

Jacksonville 1236 4A

Livingston 1221 4A

Lufkin 2441 5A

Marshall 1696 4A

Mineola 452 3A

Nacogdoches 1862 4A

Palestine 907 3A

Texarkana (name changed to Texas High) 1719 4A

Tyler now has two 5A high schools with 4716 students;
Tyler 2106 5A, Lee 2610 5A

Section 7 had Beaumont, Beaumont South Park, Galveston Ball, Houston Central, Houston Heights, Orange, and Port Arthur

Today—Beaumont has one 5A school and two 4A schools representing 5327 students;
Beaumont (closed in 1974), South Park (closed in 1986), West Brook 2422 5A,
Central 1406 4A, Ozen 1499 4A

Galveston Ball 2611 5A

Houston now has nine 5A high schools, and fourteen 4A schools with 41543 students;
Central (name changed to Sam Houston) 2657 5A, Houston Heights (name changed to Reagan) 1710 4A, Chavez 2294 5A, Lamar 3506 5A, Madison 2367 5A,
Westbury 2585 5A, Bellaire 3373 5A, Lee 2093 5A, Milby 2193 5A, Westside 2873 5A, Austin 1796 4A, Furr 1091 4A, Jones 983 4A, Sharpstown 1707 4A, Waltrip 1877 4A,
Wheatley 868 4A, Yates 1241 4A, Davis 1646 4A, Kashmere 642 4A,
Scarborough 871 4A, Sterling 1084 4A, Washington 1114 4A, Worthing 972 4A

Orange (Now West Orange-Stark) 775 3A

Port Arthur (Now Memorial) 2410 5A

Section 8 included Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio Brackenridge, San Antonio Main Ave., and Temple

Today—Austin includes four 5A schools, six 4A schools and one 3A school with 19357 students;
Austin 2155 5A, Anderson 2083 5A, Akins 2338 5A, Bowie 2677 5A, Crockett 1961 4A, Lanier 1584 4A, McCallum 1649 4A, Travis 1536 4A, LBJ 1653 4A, Reagan 1007 4A, Johnston 714 3A

Corpus Christi now has three 5A high schools and two 4A schools with 10316 students;
Corpus Christi (Name changed to Miller) 1371 4A, Carroll 2384 5A, King 2555 5A,
Ray 2046 5A, Moody 1960 4A

San Antonio ISD now has one 5A school and seven 4A schools with 12944 students;
Brackenridge 1850 4A, Main Ave. (name changed to Fox Tech) 1736 4A,
Highlands 2039 5A, Burbank 1316 4A, Houston 1037 4A, Lanier 1382 4A,
Edison 1734 4A, Jefferson 1850 4A

Temple 2158 5A

*All numbers are from the 2006-2008 UIL realignment.
** Many of these districts also have numerous alternative campuses in addition to these traditional public high schools.