Field Goal

I would say the tee/holder are on the 10 yd line onthe majority of PAT's snapped from the 3yd line.

Too close to the LOS and you risk getting it blocked because of the anlge/height of the kick.
Too far back, then the angle for the outside rushers gives them an advantage and it takes longer for the snap to get there
One thing that might be a difference. I am old, old school. Most kickers are soccer style and can kick it a mile, but in my humble opinion, a one step punch kicker tends to get the ball up higher and quicker. Had a young man who kicked soccer style in college but for me did one step. As I say this and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee some places.
Thanks guys! I had a kid that will be a sophomore next year never played football a day in his life so he never thought about kicking field goals and he is a great soccer player. First day he hit 40 yards 3/3
I like to in practice from a standing position directly under the cross bar step of 5 yards away from the goal post and place my holder. Then I put my center two yards past the goal post for a total of 7 yards.
If your center to your holder to the kick can be at 1.4 seconds and Our kicker can kick the ball over the goal past at 5 yards without kicking it under the bar. Then you will be pretty darn successful. Cliff Gilmore years ago told me the best way to protect after years if trying everything. That worked the best. We did that drill every water break we took as a team and the snapper, holder and kicker woukd do that 5 times during the rest time. It averaged out to about 25-30 extra kicks a day.