fajitapete's rankings(ravings)


Six-man fan
For a lot longer than I care to think about I have been working on a ranking system aka ‘a toy’. It is based on last years power rankings that I tabulated and then influenced by enrollment, last years district standing, lettermen lost, returning, and starters returning. The last 4 items are taken out of DCTF so blame him if the rankings do go the way you want.

After a lot of regression testing and trying to quantify the influence on each of these areas, I think I have my system ready to run. It will get better as time goes on as I recessively apply corrections in a 4 week moving window so hopefully towards the end of the season I will have a good ranking system. I tested the system during last years play offs and only missed 5 games. So I am going public this year.

It’s not rocket science, but seems pretty damn close to it. Anyway, I haven’t done anything with the tapps or independents. I don’t have a clue how one can harness that much data, just doing div 1 and 2 is kicking my butt. I will try to bring those teams on line this year.

So here is the first run aka preseason rankings. If this can be kept up I’ll do it all year but if work gets in the way, well I do like the paycheck. I will try to predict upcoming game as well so we can all take big ol jabs when I miss.

May 1
Blanket 2
Zephyr 3
Santa Anna 4
#1. May - Had a good young group last year and competed well...one year older should take this district for the next couple years
#2. Zephyr - Returns a solid group but has to replace all-world spreadback along with a new coach.
#3. Santa Anna - same old song new coach, return alot more then Blanket does.
#4. Blanket - New coach hear he is an 11man guy...returns one starter that didnt put up big numbers....
Early on May was in a postion to be the team to beat. With all of the shuffling of coaches and players, this district looks to be very much a toss up between Zephyr and May.

Santa Anna had/has a very young SB that had started to come on toward the end of last season. Will he have enough help to make a playoff run? Only time will tell.

Blanket graduated to many seniors for anyone to really tell just how good their backups will be.

1. May
2. Zephyr
3. Santa Anna
4. Blanket