Bowl games.

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So far the bowl games have been pretty good, I liked the way SMU aired it out on Nevada, did not expect the mustangs to dominate like they did, and I don't think anybody thought Navy would handle Missouri like they did. But my favorite bowl game so far was the Armed Forces Bowl with Air Force and Houston, that game had every crazy thing you would want to see in a game.

Also the Mountain West is 4-0 in bowl games, they can make a sweep with a TCU win over Boise State. Also want to point out that every team that TCU beat that made it into a bowl has won that bowl, Wyoming, BYU, Utah, SMU, Clemson, and Air Force all won their games.

On a personal note, I like to send my heart out to the Temple Owls, they came so close to beating UCLA, they had the lead for a good part of the game, but UCLA came back and shut them down.
Bowl count as of 12-31-09:

ACC: 2-3

Big East: 2-0

Big Ten: 1-1

Big 12: 3-2

CUSA: 2-3

MAC: 0-3

Mountain West: 4-0

Pac-10: 2-4

SEC: 1-2

Sun Belt: 1-0

WAC: 1-2