Old All-Americas Bowl All-Star Games

Leman Saunders

Six-man expert
I just realized I had two of the old All-Americas Bowl all-star game films. 2005 and 2006...I have posted the 2006 game where Vance Jones coached Texas team won 30-28.

Does anyone have any of these game films?

1996-2006: All-Americas Bowl – Various sites 1996-2003; Garden City, TX 2004-2006

Played at various sites from 1996-2003 featured a team made up of Texas All-Stars against a team of All-Stars made up from all other States in The US and players from other countries that played six-man football. 2002 was the first year that basketball games were played featuring a boys and girls game.

I believe it was that way on the original format (Hi8 tape I think) and carried over after digitized...not your ipad
I know that old man who filmed all of that stuff for RS. I may check with him about some better audio.

That was a close contest between two great coaches, Vance Jones and Larry Uland! Especially with only a few days to practice.
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