Better playoff brackets


After a long day of coding I was finally able to get the playoff brackets to automatically sync with games in the schedules. So, what this means is that all the game info can be viewed directly from the playoff brackets. Also, since it's linked up with the rest of the site now, clicking on a team in the bracket will bring you to that team's main overview page.

To see all the playoff brackets that I've added to this point, and to keep up with the ones I add in the next day or so, check out the playoff bracket page.

There are a few things to notice when viewing the playoff brackets, which will hopefully help y'all help me with game info. First, if you see the little calendar icon with the exclamation point, that means I do not have that game listed in the main schedule, which also means there will be no date/time/location info for that game. Second, clicking on the "i" icon, will open up the info page (in an overlay if you're on a modern browser).

Here's what the main playoff view looks like...note the calendar/exclamation icon for the Happy/Miami game...that means I haven't added that game into the schedule just yet:


Here's a look at what the overlay will look like, but hopefully with more info instead of TBD everywhere. Ha!