Best non-football play moment of the year (so far)


11-man fan
As we hit that tough spot in the season where teams that are out of the post-season have to play seemingly meaningless district games and those that are in the playoffs have to find that second wind to finish strong, I wondered if there wasn't something that could lift the spirits.

Please consider sharing with the board an answer to this question: Was there some moment this season that helped you remember why we coach? Not some great play on the field or win, or miraculous comeback, but something that made you feel like we do this for something much more than those things. Please post and I will start.

In our game with Seguin Lifegate, we were simply bigger and older than they were. We pounded the ball up the middle early and controlled the game, and were up comfortably at the half. The wind was blowing about 20 MPH and I figured we could work on our passing game in the second half, in case we ran into that high-wind situation in the playoffs. At the end of the game, my #1 receiver came across the middle, tangled feet with a defender, went down and didn't get up. We carried him off the field with an ankle injury. You can imagine the second-guessing that ensued, but the game ended and we prayed with Lifegate at the middle of the field. After the prayer, the Lifegate team came over to our sidelines and asked if they could pray over our injured player. All the boys from both teams put their hands on our receiver, or on someone who had, and a Lifegate player prayed aloud for his quick healing.

I was very proud of Seguin's boys and happy for our boys that they could be part of TAPPS six-man football.

I have many more and will hopefully get to post between the many other posts from others.
For tonights game Water Valley vs Robert Lee Water Valley is having a pink out organized by our cheerleaders who sold shirts as a fund raiser and raised over $800 and donated it to fight breast cancer. That in itself is special enough to make a coach proud. However, the story gets better, one of the teachers came up with the idea of adding to the back of the shirt of the football team, coaches, and cheerleaders "in honor of Joy Owens a true Pink Warrior" Coach Owens mother who is battling this disease. They managed to keep it a secret and the boys presented him his tshirt this morning. Coach Owens was very suprised and touched it was pretty neat. Also, Mrs. Owens will be at the game versus Robert Lee tonight, a sign that she is getting stronger and better. Please keep Mrs. Owens as well as Coach Owens in your prayers. I know you will the people on this board always do.