Basketball player, father arrested at game.

1487":3fdhlzk4 said:
Why do people have to act like this! Terrible!

Was just talking to a couple old ref friends of mine at my kiddo's buckets game (3rd grade) yesterday. One mentioned he had to toss out fans at Churchill HS in San Antonio the other day (he had to call both the JV and varsity games as the only ref) and said it seems to happen at least once a year at that place ... and then how he had to toss parents at a junior high game at a private school in a nearby community (one that has a problem with their better-than-thee-attitude).

For some reason, folks think paying a few bucks for a ticket allows you the right to criticize the officials, coaches, and young people playing the game.

What we're going to see ... and it's happened in some urban markets ... is games where the only folks in the gym are the teams, game officials, timer, scorekeeper and a few school administrators.