2021 Playoffs - Week 14 (Thanksgiving Week) - Confirmed Info Only


Still looking for confirmed info for the following matchups. Any information about these games (dates, times, locations) would be greatly appreciated. You can post here or contact me using one of the methods shown here: https://sixmanfootball.com/threads/ways-to-contact-mike.33887/

All games have been confirmed. Thank you all for the help!
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Coach Adams

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Saturday, November 27th at Allen Academy

TAIAO DII State Championship
Bellville Faith vs.
Conroe Northside Homeschool
12:00 pm

TAPPS DI State Championship
Austin St. Stephens vs.
Bastrop Tribe
4:00 pm


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Ft. Worth Covenant Classical / Lubbock Kingdom Prep just confirmed.
8:00 pm Friday night, at Abilene Christian University,
The third game of a tripleheader. following two 11 man games.