2022 Playoffs - Week 13 - Confirmed Info Only


Six-man master
It should be easy to track who is playing who this week (we only need to look at the brackets), but if you know of playoff game dates, times and locations (confirmed only, please) let's get those posted here.
Sugar Land Logos Preparatory Academy (2-1) vs. Carrollton Prince of Peace Christian (1-3), Friday, November 18, Featherston Field, Chilton, 7:00 p.m. (was in TAPPS Rank One) .... 2-1 is District 2, 1st place, FYI.
Please take a look at this week's schedule. If your team's game is either 1) not listed or 2) listed as "TBD", it means I still haven't seen info about your team's playoff game. If that's the case, please either post it in this thread or get it to me via private message, text or email.
Here is a list of games we still don't have any info for. If any of y'all have connections to any of these teams, I'd greatly appreciate you getting me date/time/location info for these games.

Lubbock Titans vs Austin St. Stephen's
Bryan Christian Homeschool (BVCHEA) vs Temple Centex Homeschool
Amarillo PCHEA vs SA The Winston
Westlake Academy vs Brownsville Jubilee
Victoria Home School vs Tyler HEAT
Fort Bend Homeschool vs Allen CHANT