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    Leakey Eagles vs the Rankin Red Devils Live Broadcast

    Both teams have some dang good athletes and play very physical ball! We will see how limited Avalos’s playbook will be missing his backfield and top pass catcher. Either way I’m expecting a hard fought game, and a much closer one than the spread shows!
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    Rankin Vs Borden County Live Broadcast

    Rios will be out for an extended period of time, unfortunately. Goodley missed the second half. Either way, rankin shot themselves in the foot more times than I’d like to admit. They are not looking like the team that was a game away from state last year. Maybe Burkhart’s 2019 offseason magic is...
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    Can Rankin beat Whitedeer

    Rankin will see them in the playoffs and it’ll be the same result as last seasons post season match between the two. Rankin lost 1 player from last years squad, I don’t see SC making that much of a jump after losing several players from last season. They’ll get bounced about the same spot in the...
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    Post Week 1 Thoughts.

    Did SC lose any starters from last year?
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    Post Week 1 Thoughts.

    Goodley plays RB and SpreadBack on O and Safety on D. He was definitely missed, especially his arm with him in the spread. It is true, he will be back this week, should be a good one playing white deer this week!
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    Post Week 1 Thoughts.

    What a showdown to was in B-Town last night for those of you that didn’t listen or watch! Rankin’s stud RB was out, but nonetheless a great matchup! What are everyone’s thoughts after week one? Any surprises or let downs?
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    First day numbers

    Hell I thought the same. Every boy in high school thinks they’ll get a shiny ring is what I’m thinking.
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Good luck with the round ball... maybe you can take your coyotes by 30+ in that, and get it right this time.
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Well this is awkward...
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Some of y’all gots some explaining to do... Everyone in here hating on my Devils, are y’all believers now?
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    Rankin 78 Borden 32 Over in the 3rd
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    54-24 Rankin up at half.
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Rankin 30 BC 16 End of 1
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Someone has been hitting grandpa’s cough syrup a little to hard...
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    #1 Balmorhea vs #4 Rankin

    I agree, more than just a couple teams from the West will be getting robbed, any one of the powerhouses from here could win a state championship. But I do believe the team repping the west will come from one of these bi-district matchups; SC/Rankin or GC/Balmorhea.