XC Course data and results needed


Two things for XC Coaches and runners:

1. if your results are not getting to tx.milesplit.com, please make sure they do. It is super simple to send them to [email protected]. They require the HTML format from the software. IF you DO NOT have a copy in that format and the meet director cannot get that to you, please e-mail what you have to [email protected] and I will try to make the conversion. MileSplit is trying to do their best in promoting kids heading into Regionals and State.

2. If you have kids who wear a watch and load their data into Strava, I am looking for course data for a project. I only want their race runs. All a kids needs to do is log into Strava, go to xccoursedata.com and follow the instructions (hopefully it makes sense and works). This site does not take any personal data (just their name and e-mail, which are optional and really help me if I have questions). This means I don't need multiple kids, just 1 who ran the race or 2 if boys and girls ran different courses/distances.

I am hoping to get enough data prior to regionals/state to allow for some interesting content on MileSplit.

Send me a message or post a reply if you have any questions.