Wichita Christian vs Lubbock CTK


11-man fan
This is going to be a GREAT game! Both teams seem to have very similar type programs. Lubbock CTK is led by a legendary coach, they are the defending district champs and although they lost some talent from last year, they seemingly lost no momentum as they have posted a 4-1 record. They also have the home field advantage and that is huge because I have yet to see anything close to turnout that WCS gets on their home games. I think we had close to 200 fans for our district opener against Plainview. Lubbock CTK is and should be the favorite in this game by 7 points.

On the other side you have a WCS squad that has been reborn. With the addition of some very talented freshman the future looks very brite for the Stars! However, although this team does have a lot of talent they are very young. That could effect them in a game like this. This is a far different team from last years squad that posted a 1-9 record. Many of those boys had never played before. There are only 3 holdovers from that team and they are only Sophomores. This team has speed to burn and a very aggressive defense. A balanced attack and a freshman QB who is leading all 6 man QB's in our area and is 4th overall in all classifications. They come into this contest 3-2 with their 2 losses coming to 2 UIL teams that will more than likely be in the playoffs, and neither team blew them out. (They lost both games by 15 points)

This will be a good one! It will come down to which team steps up makes plays on DEFENSE. Both teams can score and both teams are fast...I believe linebacker play will be key in this one...whoever contains will win!

Good luck to both teams as they represent Christ, their school and their team!
Yeah this should be a DOOZY. Our legendary coach is Harvey Wellman. You can see his win total at www.texassixmancoachesassociation.com, click on ALL TIME winningest coaches, and he's 5th with a record of 205-100-1.
When he retired from UIL, he was tops and that was 5yrs ago.

Guess you guys (WFC Starts) know to get ready for the OLE' Counter Trap Plays that Coach Wellman is known for
No doubt Dog you guys are blessed with a wonderful coach, mentor and role model for your kids. I told my boys to be sure to shake his hand before they leave the field...he is a coaching legend! One thing though that crosed my mind and perhaps yours...coach has not scored any TD's for you this year has he? Or made any tackles? I was just wondering? (with all due respect) I know your boys are more than enough to give us all we can handle. we will just have to do our best with what we have got I suppose... :wink:
This year CTK has had to dig deep and to rely more within themselves than on a couple of leaders. The CTK QB has led the team on a dominating offense and the defense shows no mercy to the QB on the opposition. Coach Wellman has taught these boys a couple of tricks this year and they are sure to use em'.

Last year was different. CTK heavily relied on a Senior leader and a couple of talented runningbacks. All the teams in the distrcit seemed like a modest challenge but CTK came on top. This year, WCS has seemed to beef up on both sides of the ball and CTK will come prepared for that.

Although CTK may be favored, this game is sure to be awesome and when CTK plays in Wichita Falls. I hope everybody gets a glimpse (whether you're from Public, Pivate or Home School) of this game because you won't see a more competitive, athletic and heart fought game on both sides.
Very well said Samurai...I believe your analysis from CTK's point of view is dead on...I will post a pre game analysis tomorrow after I get a little more info on CTK. Looking forward to the trip to Lubbock, we lived there a few years ago as I pastored a church there. The wife and I are coming down a day early to enjoy the great west Texas hospitality.
stars, where do we go to find these stats that your quoteing? About the qb being #4 ranked in all classifications? Thats pretty impressive stats.
This should be a fantastic game. CTK has been very fundamentaly sound since their new coach has been there. Very impressive. Seeingstars is also dead on about WCS, their QB is comfortable in the backfield and doesn't rush things. Can't forget to mention #88, their tall reciever. CTK better watch for the deep pass with that hook up. I can't tell you how many times our corners got burned Friday night by that play. I wish I could come watch this game but my team is gonna be busy playing UIL Wilson just down the road aways. Best of luck to both teams. I'm anxious to see who comes out on top.

His ranking is in the greater Wichita Falls area. Includes Wichita Falls and all the communities in about a 75-90 mile radius of WF. I should have been more clear about that. The stats come from the Wichita Falls Times Record News. You can also check out our stats at MaxPreps.