Why Angelo State was the college for me


Six-man fan
TL;DR: Big cities don’t do football *RIGHT*

I am so thankful for going to Angelo State for school. Back story about: I grew up in Arlington. The same Arlington where some are going to see the championship games at. Went to a 6A high school where the team was decent. But one year were really good and everyone shows up. The year after was bad and it was only a handful of people at the games. My freshman year, we played San Angelo Central in San Angelo for the bidistrict round. Didn’t stay long after the game because of a 4 hour bus ride home for the band (which I was in). However, that game was the reason I went to San Angelo instead of going to school in the DFW after community college. What I didn’t know was that a few outside of the city was six man teams (a foreign concept unless you went to a private school that played six man). The first six man game I saw out there was Water Valley’s homecoming vs Highland last year. Even though the game ended at half, the atmosphere and the action had me hooked. Then I graduated and moved to Austin. Yeah there’s Westlake and Lake Travis, but it reminds me of back home and that’s not the football I like anymore. Six man football, you got my heart, and their ain’t no refunding it.

The photo is the Westlake side from their game this weekend


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