Who is the best all time sixman RB and player in TCAF TCAL?


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I was just wondering who everyone thought was the best all time RB in TCAF and TCAL??? I was also wondering who everyone thought was the best all time player?
well considering TCAF and TCAL arent very old at all (4 years old i think) theres not a WHOLE lot to choose from. but theres a couple

my first pick would have to be #1 Jim Hansen from Lucas Christian who's senior season was in 2006 he's the only running back that i can think of from TCAF's beginnings.
TCAl I'm pretty sure is about ten years old because Heritage started out in that way back when. However is you're counting any kind of rusher then I think Michael Sapp from Willow Park, 10,000+
#22-In Lucas":34f18dcu said:
well considering TCAF and TCAL arent very old at all (4 years old i think) theres not a WHOLE lot to choose from. but theres a couple

I chuckled when I saw this topic.

Reminds me of back in the 1996 NFL season when the Packers (over 70 years in the NFL) were hosting the Carolina Panthers (I think their second, third or fourth year in the NFL) in the NFC Title Game.

For the coin flip, Packer greats from the 40's, 50's, 60's were serving as honorary captians, recognizing the storied history of the franchise (12 NFL/World Championships). Representing the Carolina Panthers ... well, since they had no history, was their owner, Jerry Richardson, a former NFL all-pro.

Kinda fits in this circumstance ... although I think T-CAL has been around a few more years and did have a pretty active six-man program as recently as six or seven years ago, especially when TAPPS schools that had a larger enrollment (>100) could elect to play six-man in T-CAL (San Antonio Lutheran comes to mind).
Galveston Heritage had an awsome RB back somewhere around 1998/99. He led his team to numerous T-CAL championships, and their team would have been very competitive in TAPPS back then. He went on to get a scholarship at Iowa State I believe, his name is Robert Lewis, he was a FB for the cyclones he wasn't very tall about 5'9" and weighed about 210. His father was the coach and pastor of the church. This young man has to be one of if not the best all-time RB in T-CAL/TCAF history.
Tarik Paul#32
Ben Rodriguez#26
class of 2009
They averaged about 300 to 400 yards a game and 20 yards a carry
They are from the El Paso Faith Team that won the state title two years ago against midland trinity and they both played defense

TCAL began in 1991 and saw several good running backs. Helton from Jesus Chaple as well as another back from Midland Trinity, but none held a candle to Robert Lewis, Jr. Whose team won the TCAL state championship (when TCAL had over 100 schools) three years in a row. Big hitter, and big runner with 10,657 (according to our records) in four years. Bert, as he was known, got a full ride to Iowa State where he played back up to Troy Davis (Heisman Trophy Winner) then to his brother. He did OK, but was on a lower tear team competting in a tough Big 12 conference.

Bert graduated and is coaching in the La Marque School District.
Troy Davis was a heisman finalist not a winner look it up!
and he also was a 3rd round draft pick that got released and went to play in canada
and robert lewis jr. battled against 4 or 5 other players for the spot so no he was the backup he warmed the bench and if you don't believe that look it up!
you would think that with the numbers that Tarik and Ben put up each game they would have gotten a D-I scholarship like Bert Lewis did. now, where exactly are they both going to play? D-I probably not. by FAR, Bert was the best and has no peers when it comes to best TCAF/TCAL player of all time, with maybe one exception, that being Mr. Helton.
For all, the jesus Chapel teams taht won back to back championships in '96 and '97, had Marc Bustamante, Terrell Green, Nathan Hon, and Joey Moreno as their leading runners. Brice didn't come on the scene untill his Sophomore year in the '98 season when Chapel went back to TAPPS. Most of yall are probably remebering #23 and that was Marc Bustamante, boy could fly on those sweeps, and he too went onto play D1 at New Mexico State, big difference from Iowa State.
Sorry for the confusion, but no New Mexico St. is not better than Iowa St. I should have stated it clearly sorry agin for the confusion.