Play-offs Begin tonight and No one is Talking!

Is there no interest in the division 2 playoffs. I think this is the best and most competitive division in TAPPS. No one has any thoughts, no upsets tonight are along the way.
IS everyone just conceding it's going to be a repeat of last year Abilene & Covenant in the North semi and Conroe and Pasadena in the South. With Classical and 1st Baptist squaring off for the title?

Let's hear some chatter, DII is active. But this is all most as dead as DI.
I was at the game and it was a true slugfest. Very exciting nail biter. Scored tied 46-46 with 3 min.left and Lakehill driving. Abilene intercepted a pass and drove down throwing a TD pass with 5 sec. in the game. Pretty sloppy. !st half with rain and mist the whole half. Abilene could not kick an extra point, missing 5 of 8. Lakehill missed 1 as well.

One of those games that was so close and whoever had a couple more breaks would win. Lakehill played very well, as did Abilene. Fun and nerve wrecking to watch.