Which would you rather happen?

Which would you rather happen?

  • Have a player arrested for solicitation

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  • Have a player arrested for gun possession

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  • Have a your head coach go bizerk after a win

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  • Lose despite racking up 718 yards of offense

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Completely take off the top 2. I wouldn't want either of those to happen at any school. Losing a game where you had 718 yards of offense isn't that bad. I mean, it isn't good, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. Any coach that goes "bizerk" is one that has plenty of fire and life. Those are 2 things that could make a good coach, but at the same time it shows a lack of self control and discipline, which is a MUST for the football team. As long as the coach is disciplining the team, and feeding them that same excitement used in his "rampages", I say leave him alone.

Oh, yeah, I voted for "Have a your head coach go bizerk after a win". Maybe the fact that the coach is full of life, and excitement is the reason for the win. It's better then going bizerk after a loss. :wink:
Yes, number 2 on my list could have been gun possession/drug possession/DWI/borrowing a car from a "friend"

Been a great summer on the 40 acres
I went for the bizerk coach. If Granger had added none of the above it would have gotton my vote. Did any of you read after a long meeting with the head coach Tech's Defensive coordinator resigned? The real shame is these teams and coaches are made and not made by their recruiting.
The point of all this was sarcasm. Every one of these things happened in college football in the last two weeks...
I still think it's a good poll. Interesting to see that a majority of the people so far have picked the irate coach.