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Whataburger has the best hamburgers ive ever ate in my entire life.<BR>My personal favorite is the Triple meat Triple cheese burger.
My kind of burger......<P>
Okay we all love whataburger, thats a given, but who else besides me wants to find the guy who does there commercials and rip out his voice box, he has to have the most annoying voice ever
Yeah, but the guy who did the commercials for Taco Cabana was the absolute worst. I think he actually wrote the script for them too. If you haven't heard them, he talks about eating so much of his grandmother's beans that he actually passed out, only to wake up the next morning and eat some more. I don't know how much beans one would have to in order to pass out, but I'm guessing it's close to the amount of food Kevin Spacey made the Gluttony guy eat in the movie Se7en... but I digress. I think the Taco Cabana guy also omitted the part about being on the toilet for several hours to purge his body...<P>I think there's a commercial where this same guy talks about getting margaritas at his grandmother's house too. Probably the next commercial will be about having to testify in court against his grandmother for her contributing to the deliquency of minors charges.<p>[ September 12, 2006: Message edited by: Devil ex machina ]
CubeJack":1zpxeod5 said:
Three things you can be sure to find in any city in Texas:<P>Whataburger<BR>Dairy Queen<BR>Dust storms

I was raised in the Rio Grande Valley, No Dust Storms!!! But, boy, did I learn about them in Abilene (Dyess AFB). Last October, I made a trip to the Promiseland (TEXAS) and the FIRST meal I ate was at, wherelse, WHATABURGER!!! While there are a few W'burgers outside of Texas, I ain't sure it would be the same. While in San Antonio for my Air Force school, I made a classmate into a Whataburger convert, he was really impressed by this Texas meal tradition. He also got to enjoy a football game at Smithson Valley, I had to explain our beloved sport to him. Ain't TEXAS Great!!!