Week Three:


11-man fan
Meadow at Borden Co.: Should be a great game...Borden Co. by 5
Lubbock Harmony at Lorenzo: Lorenzo is without RB Gonzales but it won't matter Lorenzo bu 35
Wellman-Union over Lazbuddie by 40
Dawson over Whiteface by 12
Ropes over Whitharral by 30

I'm Ol' Grizz and that's my opinion...what's yours?
Col. 3:23
ol'grizz, you agree with my picks so you must be pretty smart . . .
(except fo rthe BC game :)0

Dawson vs Whiteface - - - Dawson by 16
Lazbuddie vs Wellman-Union - - - Wellman-Union by 20
Lorenzo vs Lubbock Harmony - - - Lorenzo by 4
Meadow vs Borden County - - - Meadow by 8
Whitharral vs Ropes - - - Ropes by 53
Here is my input....
Dawson VS Whiteface.... Dawson by 20
Lazbuddie VS Wellman-Union...Wellman-Union by 22
Lorenzo VS Lubbock Harmony... Lorenzo by 28
Meadow VS Borden County... Meadow by 14
Whitharral VS Ropes... Ropes by 40
Fajita' I thought I was pretty smart until I picked Ropes over Ira last week. I really thought that would be one for the ages (kinda like their match-up last year in Ropes, a 90-88 Ira victory)

I'm Ol' Grizz and thet's my opinion! ... What's yours?
Col. 3:23