Week Three Notes


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Was Happy over Valley 40 - 36 maybe the best game of the week? I don't know a lot about the west but always figured this might be a rivalry based on town size and proximity (for the pan handle area, almost, in general). I think of them both as oasis on trips northwest. Valley being in the valley beneath the caprock, and the pioneers of Happy having the foresight to plant trees, and water them.

Oakwood seems to have surprised Milford as they were supposed to have been 45'd per the spread. Someone on here was talking about Oakwood only having one good back and not much more. Maybe the speculation inspired Oakwood. Milford did win by 22, 76 -54. Somebody from Oakwood scored a few times.

Most who post or read on here are aware RS was favored by 45 over Aquilla and won 50 - 46.

Aspermont was favored by 2 over Crowell. Crowell 45'd em' 54 - 8.

BC won by 45 over KC 90 - 44 but gave up a bunch of points doing it.

Was Water Valley - Zephyr another game of the week? WV was favored by 33. They won by 8. One score with xp. Was it that close?

Then there was Fort Worth THESA, the modern day Mighty Mites (?), 43 point underdogs to Cedar Park Summit. Summit won 20 - 19


Of course, I was at the Valley Happy game. It was Happys homecoming. Going into the game, teams ranked nearly even and it was a four quarter battle. Everything you could hope for in a six man game. Lots of back and forth...and went the distance.