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I would like to encourage everyone to post score updates, finals or otherwise, on the new live scoreboard. As always, if you notice something on there that could be made easier, or better, please let me know. I'm always open to suggestions on things to make the site better.

To view final scores, as we have them, see our official scores page.

Please note: We no longer accept text messages for live updates. The only way to submit live scoreboard updates is on the live scoreboard page. For final scores, you can still text those directly to me.

When posting final scores in this thread, please do not abbreviate the team names. Everyone might not know what school you're talking about if you put "Faith 42 MCS 40 F".
Thanks Mike sorry just couldn’t find it

Yeah, it's a little different this year without the text updates. I think a lot of folks probably don't know it's there anymore since the texts don't work anymore. Hopefully it'll become more and more known as time goes on. The hope is to eventually have that to be the only place on the site for score updates (final and live).
Missing scores for tonight, again, assuming these games happened. I love it when we get to within 20 before bed time.

Special thanks to everyone who continues to contribute score updates from week to week! Seriously couldn't do what I do here without y'all's help!

Amarillo PCHEA vs Lubbock Titans JV
Arlington St. Paul Prep vs Westlake Academy JV
Lantana Harvest Christian vs Mesquite Founders Classical
Williamson County Home School (WILCO) vs San Antonio Homeschool
Brownsville Jubilee vs Corpus Christi Arlington Heights
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