From Brownwood News Facebook page:
Blanket 66 Gholson 0
Paint Rock 35 Zephyr 14
Richland Springs 119 Fort Worth Covenant Classical 112
Rising Star 54 Lohn 7
Three Way 48 Sidney 46
Pasadena First Baptist Christian 72 Baytown Christian Academy 70
Waco Live Oak Classical School 49, Red Oak Ovilla Christian 0
San Marcos Academy 76, Round Rock Concordia 0
The Christian School at Castle Hills 42, San Antonio Lutheran 26
Scorebird APP via TAPPS Rank One
Woodson 52 Patton Springs 42
Guthrie 51 Chillicothe 6
Benjamin 63 Roby 50
As the night comes to an end, here are the scores we're still missing. As always, any info about these games is greatly appreciated.

SA Town East vs Corpus Christi Arlington Heights
SA Jubilee vs SA The Winston
Houston Texas Christian vs Corpus Christi Coastal Christian
Decatur Victory Christian vs Granbury Cornerstone

If your game isn't listed here, and we don't have a score for it, it's because we didn't have the game scheduled. Shoot me a message and I'll get it added.
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