Water Valley waiver?


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A friend of mine who goes to Highland said that Water Valley is filing a waiver to stay in six man...something about 10 kids over the limit, but only for two years...anyone know about this?
Sorry, should have been more clear...he stated that they turned in 98 after subtracting the 10 kids. Hoping that a waiver gets approved. I would have thought that you turn in 108 and then apply for the waiver.
jimnedder":3i4ud94j said:
Sorry, should have been more clear...he stated that they turned in 98 after subtracting the 10 kids. Hoping that a waiver gets approved. I would have thought that you turn in 108 and then apply for the waiver.
That would make more sense.
I have a question. Do I understand that if a school might be going to be in a differant classification in a couple of years they can be allowed to stay within their current division? That a waiver is given to individual schools? Please explain? Has this process been used in the past and by whom? I know that Marfa chose to stay 2 A rather than be class A and i know Rankin for years stayed in A and Im sure Wink has done the same but I have not heard of the allowance of a school to stay in a smaller division. I know there are alot of 6 man history buffs here that can set me straight. Please let me know guys?
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A friend of mine who goes to Highland said that Water Valley

What is to explain?

Maybe it has something to do with WV having a really good program the last couple of years?
Here's a novel thought...how about you call the school and ask them???

Its funny how people on this message board would rather listen to some third party person in another town and post a question or comment on a message board rather than just call a school or school official and ask directly for an answer to a question.
Joe, you can't play down if you have too many kids. You can still play 6 man but you will not be put in a district. Some schools still play if they know their numbers are going to go back down.
im not saying they did or did not i was just asking for some clarification from some that might know. i have seen where the UIL not be forth coming with the choices and or discussions that go on behind those closed doors.
Pimply Sut, really? I'm sure the Water Valley ISD would divulge information to a complete stranger. Notice that I am not accusing WV of anything...just creating conversation. I have an idea...if you have nothing useful to add, don't comment.

The UIL does allow a school to play up a division, but does not allow to remain in a division if your numbers do nnot support it. And for Pimply Sut, I DID call the UIL on that one.
There is no waiver process for that, the way the UIL takes those things into account is by given schools different ways to get there number. Schools have 3 options I believe:

1. Add grades 9,10,11,12 there is your number
2. Add grades 8,9,10,11 there is your number
3. Add grades 10 and 11 and double it.

I think this allows schools to not play ping pong between 6 and 11 man. I also think this is why some schools are able to push the D2 cutoff. Hope it helps.
kbjoe1":3u7s3xa6 said:
so is that why some schools are not in a specific district and are playing an outlaw season?

Yes, and interestingly enough, if WV did apply for the waiver they would have a good chance of getting it. A few years ago, Whiteface got a waiver since they had a quite a few girls coming in from the Girls Town. They could play 6 Man football, but had to play D1 in bball and track. Think their back below 99.5 again, though.
this does not seem to be a very good practice. when you start to make exceptions all should have them ie the bounce between d1 and d2 could effect alot of schools every two years. if a school had alot of boys ie it is a all boys school should they have to play up... Exceptions leads to conflicts no matter the situation unless they are well defined for all prior to anyone being allowed the exception..
They probably take it case by case. I'm not sure if there was a rule there or it was the exception. I'm sure they got funding for every girl that went there, so I can see your point. They probably didn't have enough boys to field an eleven man team, either, so I can also see why the exception was made.
i understand the issues with filling a team. im some what at a lost though some time i read on here where schools have a 1st 2nd and 3rd team as well as a jv.... the thread im referring to was in ref to the 45+ scores ,, we have but 9 on the varsity and one of them is hurt lol
Dear jimdullard,

Why iz it that yew refer to Simply as Pimply Sut? Did yew come up with that all by yur lonesome? And as fer callin' the U.I. of L., I wud bet money yew didn't call nobody.
I had the same thought! LOL. "Pimply Sut" trademark comes by way of the one and only.

I had a couple other thoughts on his reply as well. Confused the heck out of me. I took a word, copied and pasted a definition, and proceeded to put a thought out for consideration of the original post. That was it. Then oneday, oneday thought a novel idea would be to call the school and ask. Then there was another interjection that the uil may not be to forthcoming of issues behind closed doors. It seems your jimdullard got several post mixed into one when he replied. It was at that point and time I realized a reply was more than likely a lost cause.

BTW, I seen a score here lately that made me laugh. I dun knowd the difference now, one team can't be blamed that the other doesn't know how to tackle.