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My name is Austin Frey, and I recently finished my football career at Texas A&M. I was a four year letterman at longsnapper for the Aggies. Before playing at Texas A&M I played six man football for Tomball Christian (Won the TCAL state championship in 2012).
I majored in Sport conditioning at Texas A&M and graduated this past August. Right now I am training for the NFL, but after my hopeful NFL career I want to be a college strength and conditioning coach. I also am a Certified strength and conditioning specialist (certified by the national strength and conditioning association).

As I am training for the NFL right now I am creating programs for players, and teams of the high school level for off season, and in season workouts. I trained the six man football team in college station for the past 2 years, before graduating.

I understand the requirements and demands of the six man game, and I know exactly how to create training programs to help get the best out of players the whole season. I love the game of six man football and if any school or individual is interested in a training program please email me, and we can talk about what would be best. I know some schools do not have a weight room which is no problem because there are plenty of running programs I have that would be more than enough.


5 years of D1 college strength program
4 years starting in the SEC
Exercise science degree
CSCS certified
2 years of six man football strength and conditioning coaching


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My name is coach Eason, and I am new to the six man football league. I am the Athletic Director and Had Coach at Founder's Classical Academy of Mesquite. We are currently building a home athletic field for transition to 6 man tackle football for the 2019 season. Our issue is that currently we lack the immediate funding to purchase new equipment for our 20 varsity athletes. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANY SCHOOL THAT MAY HAVE USED EQUIPMENT TO DONATE TO OUR PROGRAM. This would ultimately help our team get started and help us move toward greater success with our football program.

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