Track and Field Rant

So the powers that be, the UIL, have decided to limit (cut in half), the amount of athletes that can compete at the Regional Track meet. This means only 2 can go from the Area meet, or 1 from the district if you’re not having an area meet. No other sport in Texas (that i know of) are having to make cuts like this! So not only was out season cut short last year, now we are cutting athletes chances to compete. If you are a track and field coach please email the UIL. I’ve already sent mine.


Thanks for starting this thread! I have posted my complaint, as well. This will only work if we can get numerous track coaches, but also AD's and Superintendents to complain. Everyone, please urge your AD's and Superintendents to do everything they can do to try and change this postposterous decision by the UIL!