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Great news from the TCAL Summer Meeting!

The 2010 TCAL Summer Meeting was a big success. Below are some of the additions coming to TCAL this year and in 2011:

2010: Total TCAL - Elementary (non competitive) sports

2011: Junior High sports with Regional Playoffs

2011: Divisions 1, 2 & 3 in six man football; 2011 is a realignment year for TCAL. We are considering mixing divisions for district play. This, of course, will cut down on traveling for the majority of our schools. Below are tentative enrollment numbers (boys only):
D 3 - 0-30
D 2 - 31-55
D 1 - 56 & Up
If you are a school or program playing an independent schedule, please prayerfully consider joining our great organization.

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