Throckmorton trying to push baseball through the schoolboard

I think thats an old claim by people who don't like baseball...some coaches will disagree with me...has baseball hurt Borden Co.'s football program???? Or Follett's????

If more kids want to play baseball then why not let them...I have never understood coaches and ADs adversions to baseball and never is almost Un-American to not want to play baseball
Why do u play 6man football? Because your lack of takes 9 players atleast, to be any good you have to have multiple pitchers tht can get the job done. The average 6man school doesn't have the players it takes to compete with larger 1a schools. These are some reasons alot of people don't push baseball at this level. Track in the other hand can survive and kids can excell without alot of numbers. It's also a very good tool to use as coaches to increase a kids speed, explosive strength, and over all strength. To share that part of the year with track, uil, band, one act play, golf, tennis, taks tests, and then baseball...the kids are way too stretched out.
i agree with one day. we have over 20 kids for football, and we have abunch of kids that want to play baseball! id rather watch a baseball game than watch a track meet even if it did kill it. but i dont think it will hurt us in football or track, surely if bc and folletts program i mean at least give it a shot.
I do not know about everyone, but one problem might be that their are some baseball coaches who do not want the baseball folks to lift, etc. I have very limited experience with this, but the one bb coach I had to work with started working out for beesball after football and with the kids who did not play hoop. He did not want them in the weight room at all. That kind of attitude will pee off a football coach, or it did me. But what do I know?
First, you have to think about the source, do the kids really wanna play or are they just saying they want to when the "right" people are asking. Second, think of the district you will likely be put in based on the schools in your area that play baseball current district 8,9,13 are all the teams in the area. Several of these teams have very good baseball programs. Third, it will hinder both the track program and the football program. If the kids are trying to do all sports in the spring which they do in most sixman schools. They will be going from off-season football, to track, to baseball, to tennis, to golf practices. I'm not sure how a new baseball program would have an opportunity to flourish without sacrificing sucess in some other area. Also this will inevitably lead to a loss of some time in both track and off-season football workouts, as well as, the other spring sports.

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we've had alot of kids that have wanted to play over the years but its just now being brought up in the school board! When graduate im coaching baseball and my kids will be lifting. baseball coaches tell me that one of the important keys is lifting every other day.
What most people fail to realize is that not every single kid that plays football or runs track or plays golf plays baseball. Take Follett for example if you look at their roster in baseball there are alot of differences from the football roster and that's because some are running track and others are in offseason football, but my point is this it shouldn't be up to the parents or coaches or administrators whether or not they play baseball if they want to play let them it's not going to hurt your other programs because the kids are who makes it work nobody else. When I was in HS the only sports not offered were volleyball and soccer we had everything else and the majority of the time we were good if not great in every sport so I say let them play if they want to.
This is a nice discussion, but you might want to tap the brakes a little when talking about Throckmorton adding baseball. One individual has requested to address the school board about adding baseball. I doubt if any decision will be made tonight. Lifting vs. not lifting, killing track, the district the hounds will play in; you all are way ahead of yourselves and frankly don't know anything about the situation.
The Drifter does make a very good point about weight lifting. I am not a coach or trainer...just a baseball player and best I remember I think in season baseball weight lifting is light weight with more reps...and probably even lesser than that for pitchers (never had the speed to be a pitcher so cant really speak to their workouts)...which would go against what you would want out of an off season football weight lifting program...right? Good point and I have nothing to say in rebuttal...

I would say that if you have the kids to make a team (12-13 being the lowest possible numbers I would say), and yes some schools do and some schools don't, and they want to play...why not...don't think Throck is hurting as far as boys in HS goes. Is it better to have 3-7 kids out for track or 12-15 out for baseball and the track guys are still going to run track?? More kids are being active...

Also a point that is rarely talked about is how many kids in the school district transfer out to play baseball? I bet every 6man school district has 1...and I bet some have multiple kids that adding baseball you keep those kids, which may add to your football roster, and it also gives those kids in other school districts without baseball a transfer option...adding more kids to the school and possible football program...sure we are talking about maybe 1, 2 or 3 kids at best...but in 6man those 1, 2 or 3 kids can make a BIG difference!

In the end I think the positive out weighs the they won't lift weights like they would in off-season football but what about the bigger picture?

Lane5 - this has turned into a broader debate about baseball in 6man schools and not just about Throckmorton...
I think someone above alluded to this and I agree: if you can field a competitive baseball team then you should be playing 11-man instead of 6-man. Baseball is a numbers game and of all the sports, it is the one that requires longer hours (more years) to hone the skills; it also requires a bit more money (i.e. the abundance of select teams). I just hate seeing those 17-1 scores in the newspaper, etc