The Non-Usual Suspects


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So most of the talk here is about the perennial big boys aka Strawn, Richland Springs, Westbrook, etc...

But lets get some discussion going on some of the schools that don't get a lot of love but could make some noise this fall.

Getting my info from DCTF Returning Starters (O/D)

Division 1
Miami (4O/4D) - 8 returning, moving up to D1 can they step up right away
Nazareth (5O/5D) - 8 returning, tough district though
Meadow (4O/4D) - 10 returning, winnable district and senior heavy
Rotan (5O/4D) - 17 returning, playing 2nd fiddle to Westbrook
Union Hill (6O/5D) - 12 returning, should be the top team in district 10
Medina (5O/5D) - 11 returning, can challenge Leakey for district 16
Chester (5O/3D) - 15 returning, can they take advantage of district 15 with two 2A drop downs
Prairie Lea (6O/6D) - 15 returning, wild card in district 16

Division 2
Silverton (6O/5D) - 11 returning, can they challenge Groom & Hedley
Loop (5O/5D) - 12 returning, can they jump Klondike who is replacing a lot
Paint Creek (3O/3D) - 3 returning, want to see if Shannon Waters can work his magic again
Bynum (5O/4D) - 11 returning, very winnable district 10
Bronte (6O/6D) - 8 returning, bring back everyone so theybcould challenge for the 2nd playoff spot
Zephyr (6O/6D) - 16 returning, D1 drop down is a deep sleeper in district 15
Paint Rock (4O/4D) - 11 returning, D1 drop down in a wide open district 14
Follett will always be tough, it’s rare for them to have a bad season, even with coaching changes. They seem to always have pretty good talent.

Miami was a young team last year but they have experience now and a year of development under the same coach. That will help.

Silverton and Hedley have been in dog fights the last two years. I’m thinking Silverton may take it this year but it’s a tough call. Both should be pretty tough.

I think Loop will be good. Playoff team for sure in my opinion.
On Friday, October 15th, 2021, the Leakey Eagles got on a bus, went to Medina, TX, and lost 60 to 56 in a close game to the Medina Bobcats. Since then, Leakey lost most of their better athletes while Medina returns most of their team.

Not sure why everyone is crowning Leakey the district champion, but I think Medina should be favored over them.