TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions Postponed to 2/27/2021


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Pay for your registration online at : ... cst=custom

The Clinic of Champions has been postponed due to the weather situation we have all been going through. I know that Friday is supposed to be above freezing, however, some of us, (and I hope not), may suffer some collateral damage such as frozen plumbing pipes and repairs. Coach Uland is getting a head start on that today. Had a pipe burst.

If you cannot make it and have already paid, I still have your checks and will return them to you. I hope that you can make it on February 27! We will have the same schedule with registration beginning at 8:00 - 9:00.

I have spoken to each of our speakers and all are still very excited about coming. I plan to have a break out scheduled where we have an opportunity to get with a speaker in another room and maybe gain a few things that you might not get in the regular session.

I also have food on order. So we are good to go.

Please let me know if you can or cannot make it. As I have stated, the speakers we are having are great. I spoke with all of them today. They have their game in order and are happy to share with you all.

I apologize if you get multiple copies of this. I am just trying to make sure that I have everyone covered.