TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions Speakers Announced


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Our Speakers for the 2021 Clinic of Champions have been set. We may have one more come on board at a later date. These guys will do a great job. Last year's clinic was phenomenal. Check the posts by the guys who missed out but purchased the video. We plan to do that again, but who know about electronics. Being in person is much better anyway. We will have a low cost registration, a great meal, and several sponsors with door prizes.

Check outhe registration form. Fill out the bottom section as required and email it and your form back in order to save a little cash.

I make nothing off of this clinic and all proceeds go directly to our league which has been affected by covid just like any other business. We are strictly non-profit and the goal of this clinic is to offer a quality clinic at a low cost and make a little bit of operating money especially since we lost some due to covid already this year.

The link for the registration form is ... sp=sharing
Use the attached document here on this post!

Please email me,, if there is a problem downloading the registration form. Speaker topics are forthcoming in another post a little later in the week.