State Game Statistics from 1972 through today

We have had 46 games total. 3 teams have accounted for 14 of those losses.

We have had 8 teams make it to state and have never lost state, 3 of those have two wins.

We have had 16 teams make it to state and have never won state. 5 of those teams lost state twice and another lost state 4 times.

3 teams are exactly 50% in the state game. 16 teams have gone above 50% in the state game while 19 have not managed to reach 50%.

In total there have been 92 positions open for teams to play int he state game, this means 46 games with 2 teams per game. Out of those 92 positions 38 teams is all that have been there. 15 of those 38 teams have only been there one time. 9 teams have been to state twice and 4 teams have been there three times. That leaves us with 5 teams having been there four times, 3 teams have gone five times and 2 teams have gone six times.

In the state games this year Richland Springs will pull into the all time lead with this being their 7th game. Abbott is making their first appearance, Follett ther second and Throckmorton their 4th.

If Richland Springs wins the game it will take them to the most wins in state with 6. If Throckmorton wins it will take them into an exclusive group of teams having won 3 state games.

If Abbott wins state they will have their first victory moving into the category with the other 8 teams having never lost state. Follett would move into the 50% category with 3 other teams.

So we have one new record set this year no matter what with Richland Springs moving into a category all by their selves at 7 state appearances.

I love numbers.