Six Man Receivers

Obviously I don’t mean run around as in back yard football, I mean it as it is easier to get kids to run routes and play an spread it out offense better than run and block and tough it out.
If you knew anything about Covenants' offense, there is nothing backyard about it. My understanding is they have up to 82 route combinations. Plus checked to adjust to defensive coverages and pressure looks.
As far as their record against UIL schools, they are playing the top programs. What are UIL schools' records against those schools in those years?
In 2020 they played Richland Springs (State Runner-up 13-1), Strawn (State semi-finalist), Union Hill (13-1 State semi-finalist), 2021 Richland Springs( State semi-finalist) Strawn( Div. II State Champs) Baird was undrafted when they played. And Abbott this years Div. I finalist. And against Abbott, Covenant Classical was without Lanham Briley their All-state QB, who completed over 74 percent of his 900 passes for over 10,000 yards, 195 TD's with only 10 int.
So, it's not like they are scheduling. I would wager if they played the same district schedules these schools play they would have a similar record as the UIL schools they played had.