Semi-Final Round Player of the Week & HM's

Leman Saunders

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Semi-Final Round Player of the Week
Ricky Pendleton – Milford – 7-179 yards, 4 TDs rushing; 12 tackles; 1 INT returned for a TD; 1 KO return for a TD; 36 points scored
Pendleton put the Milford Bulldog team on his back last week against Leakey as he averaged over 25 yards per carry and scored six total touchdowns leading Milford past the Eagles 71-26 and on to their sixth state title game appearance.

Honorable Mentions:
Ben Crockett – McLean – 32-278 yards, 4 TDs rushing; 4-4-0 for 16 yards, 2 TDs passing; 15 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 INTs one for a TD
Another stellar game from Crockett as he scored long TD runs on his first two carries of the game, returned an INT for a TD, had a 2nd curtail INT, and threw for two TDs for good measure. In the Tigers’ 72-34 win over Garden City as they advance to their first ever state title game.

Carlos Villanueva – Strawn – 83 yards, 3 TDs rushing; 1 TD passing; 63 yard KO return for a TD
A great game offensively for Villanueva as he took the reins for the Greyhounds and led them to a 51-6 win over Oakwood and back to the state title game.

Presley Day – Bracken Christian – 10-169 yards, 3 TDs rushing; 7 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Day has a solid game in Bracken’s 50-0 routing of Alpha Omega Academy to claim the TAPPS DII state title.

Fernando Cruz – Follett – 70 yard INT returned for a TD; 5/7 PAT kicks
The turning point of the game against Jayton was Cruz’s big INT returned for a 70-yard touchdown as Jayton was driving on their first possession of the 2nd half, after scoring to end the 1st half. If Jayton would have scored it would have been a different game, but Cruz’s pick six was the key turning point in the game. Follett won 52-32 and are making their sixth state game appearance.

Hunter Williams – Leakey – 8-17 for 189 yards, 2 TDs passing; 27-181 yards, 2 TDs rushing; 370 yards of total offense; 6 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Williams had a solid performance in a losing effort as he accounted for 370 yards of total offense and had a hand in all for Leakey’s touchdowns as they lost to Milford 71-26.

Dylan Howard – Follett – 16-100 yards, 2 TDs rushing
Howard led the team in rushing as Follett controlled the pace of the game and defeated Jayton 52-32.
Between games reading the siman state game stat' in the program I came across the name Chris Pendelton from Milford setting the records for passing attempts, completions and I believe yardage or TD's (maybe both-not at home to look now) in 1995. I thought Pendleton, that's the name of the player that had the big game for them last week against Leaky and I remembered the name from their games against Strawn last year and this one. I thought 1995, that's the year of Dewayne Myles and Amherst, having read of it recently courtesy of Guru. Mulling it over I wondered, maybe Father - Son, uncle, cousin?

One play sticks in my mind from this year in particular. Pendelton met Crockett in the hole just after he'd gotten the ball and lit him up. Stopped him in his tracks and drove him backwards. I don't remember that happening much else wise.
Gosh ! Then maybe he should have met him in the hole more often! Seems Crockett lit up the SCOREBOARD
which, after all is what counts. Don’t get me wrong I think Pendleton is probably the best college prospect on The Milford team. Him and number 1 from Oakwood seem to have all the tools in their toolbox and certainly have attracted some colleges attention.