Robert Lee "cutting sports"?

I certainly understand the property tax part of the equation. But we the people have a several million or billion dollar budget surplus, controlled by our legislators. And our teachers remain as some of the lowest paid in the nation. Are our children, and grand children's education not our highest priority?

I'm not sure about that "lowest paid in the nation" teachers story. My niece is a band/music teacher in a Midwest state. Has been teaching for about 6-7 years. I believe she's not even making $40,000 with stipends. In our district, a small 4A, starting teachers make close to $50K and cost of living is lower here. Heck, a year or so ago, I heard that the San Antonio ISD was offering SUBSTITUE teachers $400 a day for teaching on Monday or Friday, $225 for the other three days, which could be over $50K a year.

Yes, you're not going to get wealthy on a teachers' salary alone, but we're not seeing our teachers on food stamps, either.