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Six-man fan
I have been contacted by a newspaper who wants to do a story on High Island QB Zach Bronkhorst signing to play at Angelo State University. He asked me how common is it for six-man players to sign with D2 or higher schools?

Can y'all post some recent signings over the last 10 years of six-man players who have signed to play football at D2 or higher school?

Thank you very much.
Andre Ross of Calvert plays for Texas Tech, not sure if he played JUCO first or not

Baylor I think has one or two...but might be remembering wrong

most guys signed (if signed at all...could be walkons) play D3...Mitchell Parsley (Crowell) is the QB for Wayland Baptist, McMurry has a few, Flores from Rochelle was doing well at Sul Ross last I heard
ACU's (D2) roster online has: Jon Crisp from ACHS

Sterling College (NAIA) has Strawn's Ross Alison

Greenville Christian had a QB that played college ball in the mid 2000s: Nate Strand, cont remember where he played...there use to be a HUGE fan base for this kid on this message board (who else remembers these posters!)

There are more kids that play in college than people think there are, but it's just not kept track of very good and most are D3 with some D2 sprinkled in there, very rare for a D1
Lakehill Prep:

Morgan Lineberry ('09) - Abilene Christian (D2) All-Conference, made it to final cut with Carolina Panthers ('13)

Tyler Wentz ('11) - Malone University (D2)