Six-man pro
Just How Bad Could it be or How Good could it be for GC ?? --JO
Why go here?--SP

Not trying to insult or demean Garden City but the question is:--JO
You sure?--SP

I do think it is going to be a really different type season for GC--JO
Really different as in not 3 time champs? Duhhh Genious!
Curious about really different in your mind?--SP

Never knew there was an argument. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm--JO
Instigator, and you don't realize there is different opinions? lol--SP

Just wanted to put some information out in front of everyone. Talked to a VERY RELIABLE source on Wednesday. Actual outcome was GC 1-0 advantage over Grady with first team on first team. Were 1-1 with Midland Trinity first team on first team.--JO
Get em JO!! lol again.--SP

Motley Co. 50 • Garden City 44 .....
The question is still there ...JO
The question of you being demeaning is still here as well!--SP

Garden City ......... vs .... Sterling City ----- GC's very possible #2--JO
Maybe so.--SP
I forgot a good one:

Re: Thoughts on Motley Co. and Garden City game
One out of the Six .....JO

One out of six what JO? I know what you mean, but say it fellow.