Rankin Where Are You?

I watched the Rankin vs Spur game and it was not the same team that I saw at McCamey. You have a real challenge coming up for your homecoming. Are you going to step up to the plate or will you fizzle out after working so hard to beat the former #1 ranked team? Are you quick enough for those Ira guys? Ira is climbing the ladder and wants to move to #1.
Good Luck!
Rankin will have to be at peak performance to handle Ira's speed... I watched Ira's runningback run laps around Rankin's D in last years playoff game, he is as fast as any back out there in my own opinion.. You have to show up big to beat Ira, or get your homecoming spoiled Rankin !
Ira is awesome this year and they have a very young team, so you better watch out next year as well, but lets stick to this year... im going to stir this up even more and say Ira by 16. Rankin better be ready because Ira will be
If im not mistaken Ira lost a few lineman from last year, if Rankin has an edge it will be experience and the way to handle a close game situation. I dont see either team having a major weakness to the other, don't let Rankin fool you, even tho they are a heavy run team, their Quarter-back is a play maker, I watched him play against BC and he was cool and collected throughout the close game.
I agree with ya, Ira did lose a little on the line but really havnt missed them this season as you can tell. I agree that experience goes to Rankin, but if Ira players and Coaches know any team its Rankin. But Rankin better concentrate on getting passed Meadow first because Ira has an open week before play time with Rankin. It will be for sure the game of the week no doubt and of corse I will be there to judge. I have not seen Rankin play this year so im not sure if they lost anything from last year but Ira really only lost one key player, and Ira has a freshman that is as quick or quicker than their #1 RB, if ya havnt heard. It will be a great one
Wow, quicker then #12? He must be lightning haha.. Rankin lost one starter from last year, #10, which was a Full-back, and Im not sure what he was on Defense.
Yes he is as fast or faster than #12.... it just happens to be his little brother haha!! But he is good and will only get better. I cant wait for the show down it will be awesome, Thanks Old dirty for the info, it should be a great matchup
if you can recall, ira put a whoopin on rankin the first match up last year due to there defense stopping the running game. 2nd match up in playoffs, i believe 1st round, ira didnt have a defender to stop the running game, i think that deluna guy was out because of a leg injury if im not mistaken. therefore, rankin took advantage and scored all there tds on runs. expect rankin to run the ball down there throats this year. rankin by 20
Expect the same from Ira. As I recall Rankin in both games couldnt stop Ira's RB. Now they have 2 that Rankin will have to stop. And Ira is alot better this season then last. So its going to be a great game get ready.
recall, ira did have a much bigger line to block against any strength last year. this year, ira will finally face a team that is not overrated without much blocking . rankin is indeed a much better team than last year. im not sure you can really say ira is a better team this year. im from north texas but have been keeping up with them west texas schools, out of them all i can really only see rankin standing out, ira has always been that ranked 1 or 2 team that cant prove it in playoffs or good teams.. its their tradition,
Ira got beat by the state champs Garden City in the playoffs last year so they deserve the rank as much as anyone else. Good Luck to Rankin stopn Ira's running game they will need it. But we will all see how it plays out on Friday night. If Rankin stops Ira then they deserve that #2 I will give them that
I don't expect Rankin to win by much but they will win by at least 12.. Everyone forgets Rankin has a runningback just as talented as Morris, maybe not as fast but he has been a huge part of Rankins success.. This is also do to there very well rounded O-Line, Rankin's defense looks much more aggressive and willing to hit this season also, In my opinion Rankin has to many weapons for Ira.
I will not be surprised at all if Rankin beats Ira. I will be more surprised if Ira takes the win to tell the truth. Ira hasnt played a team as good as Rankin yet this season and neither has Rankin. They will met 2 times this season for sure and the second meeting will be the one that counts.