Preseason top 10


11-man fan
So I saw on the TAPPS and UIL pages a attempt to do a top 10 or at least a top 5. So I decided to try one on this page. Here is what I think.

1. Waco Live Oak
2. San Marcos Homeschool
3. Tomball Homeschool
5. Allen Academy

1. Tribe
2. Marshall Christian
3. Sunnybrook
4. Tyler Kings Academy
5. CC Annapolis

I know this is not the way it will turn out but it's fun to look at it for now.

I like the way you think! However, I will not comment on DII.

DI will be fun to watch! Tomball will be very tough to beat. A deep bench and great coaching may be the 1-2 punch they need. Live Oak will always be tough as long as Coach Barker is at the helm. Barker is a great coach who knows how to win! Don't count out Baytown Christian! They have speed that can run with anyone and also will be very tough to beat. FEAST will be in a rebuilding year but I have a feeling Coach Dagerath will have his squad ready as well. San Marcos is returning just about everyone. They have a very good offense that ended up 13-0 last season.

Looking forward to another great season!
Let me give this a try.


1. San Marcos Homeschool
2. Tomball Homeschool
3. Waco Live Oak
4. Waco Methodist
5. Mount Carmel


1. Sunnybrook
2. Tribe
3. Marshall Christian
4. Wise County
5. Kings Academy

I hope your right about Mt Carmel. Their coaching staff is a first class group of guys! We really enjoy playing Mt Carmel because of their great attitudes on and off the field! They are putting our team up this year, that doesn't happen very often! I hope they win every game but one!

Waco Methodist is also coached by a great group of coaches. Coach Benson does a great job with those young men. I wish them all the best! They definatley have the athletes!

I still believe Tomball will have the team to beat! After a tough loss to Baytown to end their season, they will be ready for another playoff run with differant results.

Good luck to all the DI teams!
I think there will be some really good TCAL teams this year. As far as D2 goes I think 4 or 5 teams have a real good shot a taking it. I'm going to steal from Coachbill and tell the_coach I like his way of thinking. I do have two feelings about it. I would have a hard time picking Sunnybrook knowing what I know because it is my first year as a head football coach and I know the teams that really concern me have great coaching staffs. BUT!!!!!! Knowing what I know about Sunnybrook I would have a really hard time picking against us too. With #11 running the ball the offense will put up a lot of points. So with that being said I do agree with the two other peoples top 3 but in no order.

You tell us Coach, how does EPF look for 2011? I know Faith has great athletes on the basketball team. I'm sure football is no differant.

Blessings on your season Coach!
Faith Christian has done pretty well in the past. We had a pretty good season last year, and will build on that. According to the end of the season rankings done by Granger, Faith would be in the top 3 in d1 TCAL. But rankings are all for fun and to get people like myself talking.

This will be a GREAT season for ALL!