Prayer Request


Six-man expert
Sixmanfootballmom is in Little Rock with her son again today. They are going to do an endoscope & a biopsy on his stomach lining. She had to go alone, because her husband couldn't get off from work. Please pray for this young man and his family.
Prayers going up from Sterling City. May God provide strength & comfort to the boy & his family, guide the hands & minds of the medical staff & provide safe travels for the mother & son.
New update from "mom":
Just spoke with the doctor, she said his esophagus is full of ulcers. They will be testing for allergies and wants to repeat the scope in 3 months. Thanks for the prayers, support and concerns. I appreciate everyone so very much.
Asking for prayers for #5 Ryan Tatro from Sterling City. Helmet to helmet hit. Suffered concussion. Waiting on CT scan. He can't remember the last two weeks. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Update on injured SC player:
He should be ok. He will be out for ten days, but his memory is expected to return. There is no permanent damage.