Playoff games


Sure wish these games could be played on a Saturday,the crowds would be so much better,just hard for the working man to drive all over to catch a Friday game,last night n Hamilton because of the holiday was a sardine packed crowd on the visitor side,fencehugers we're three and four deep,, bigger crowds mean bigger and more excitement for the schools. Just a thought


CowboyP":2er2vkme said:
I would like to see more Saturday double-headers.
Me too Cowboy, not this year,,does make perfect sense, lagging behind on someones thinking,let's be honest our great game is different due to travel, Right?


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Last night in Hamilton was pretty much a sellout. The visitor side was standing room only and the standing room space was becoming limited, and the home side was 90% filled.
Hey Cowboy, you got to see FOUR (4) Games on Saturday, November 11, 2017, in Gholson!
Six Man Football from 10 AM TO 10 PM ! At the Inaugural Texas Six Man Football Independent Bowl Series,
So you know it CAN be done. Right?