Places to eat in Lubbock

Cagle's is the best in Lubbock. Home grown beef and cooked when you order. Not sitting under a heat lamp. Prices are fair for the amount of meat and sides. You purchase by the weight. Hubby and I usually eat out there for about $40. However, you must be a member to purchase alcohol. They sell 10 day or 1 yr memberships.<BR>Bryans...I wouldnt eat there if it were the last steak in Lubbock. GROSS customers, employees, and food.
Is Spanky's still around? Who could resist a "He man woman hater" burger? And you could walk on over to Jones Stadium for the game, to help remove some of the guilt.
Texas Roadhouse <BR>4810 South Loop 289<BR>East of South Plains Mall inside Loop 289<P>Cagle's <BR>4 1/2 miles West of Loop 289 on 4th Street <A></A> <BR>Just east of old Reese AFB at intersection of HWY 179 and 4th Street. Nice atmosphere.<P>Either place may involve a wait. Call ahead
Yes Spankys is still around. Closed Slide Ave location but is still across the street from SBC Jones Stadium. And yes, they still have the HE-MAN Woman hater and those awesome cheese sticks!
I had a friend that worked at Bryan's and from what I heard, you definitely would want to stay away from there.<P>Chicken Fry- Home Plate Diner<BR>Mexican- Rocita's or Lujan's<BR>Steaks- 50 Yd. Line is better now than it has been recently. Cagle's is good.<BR>Chicken- Richard's near Lowry Field<P>Spanky's cheese sticks<BR>One Guy's calzones<BR>Orlando's Mafia queso and all-you-can-eat spaghetti on Sundays. Orlando's also happens to have THE BEST RANCH DRESSING EVER!
Lujan's is closed. :( <BR>And you are right, Richards is the BOMB!! It is is on about 63rd and Ave P. (not positive, just guesstimating)<BR>But Chili's has a really good CFSteak too.
Cagles has really good steaks. Large dining area, excellent catering facilities. It is way out in the country, so head out 4th and don't quit till you get there.
Chimy's has the best margaritas in Lubbock. And by the best, I mean that you kinda remember going there with the intent of drinking margaritas when you wake up on your back porch with only socks on.
Devil ex - If you want great sour cream chicken enchaladas, the next time you pass through San Angelo, stop at Mejor Que Nada. They used to have the best I have ever had. I havent been there in a while so couldnt tell you as of late, but they used to.
I wasn't all that impressed with the food I ordered the last time I was there. I'll order the chicken enchiladas the next time I'm there, and hopefully they'll redeem MQN in my eyes. Thanks.<p>[ September 25, 2006: Message edited by: Devil ex machina ]
<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 6manwife:<BR><STRONG>Cagle's is the best in Lubbock. Home grown beef and cooked when you order.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>I bet the home-grown beef is really expensive. I tried to raise cattle in my house once, but it didn't work out. For one thing, cattle won't graze on carpet like they do grass. Plus they always hogged the TV remote.<P>I know. Neither funny nor true...