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Great start to district play tonight hornets. U are on your way, keep ur eye on the prize ur chasing. Keep playing hard every game, and good things will happen, sting em!!
One down and two to go in district. Never quit and never take your opponents for granted. Ya'll look like a real team out there -- working and winning together. Good job hornets!
Abbott does some passing, but they are primarily a running team. #2 Tyler Russell is their main workhorse. He's quick so Rochelle needs to contain him in the backfield.
Rochelle is mainly a running team also. This game may be a battle. Wish our team was at full strength, but we gotta fight (and win) with who we've got
He was a strong offensive player, Rochelle still has strong defense so hopefully our guys will do good,Thanks older elk for the support!!
Old Bearkat":2asllv0o said:
olderelk":2asllv0o said:
I'll be pulling for a Rochelle victory.
Come on Hornets! Make them feel the sting!

No love for Lometa eh?
LOL. Like bluehornet said, Rochelle is playing Abbott.
I gave Lometa a congrats and a good luck in the playoffs on the district championship thread, but.....
I'll admit to pulling for Rochelle in the D. C. game.